0_Ada Gonzalez and Patrick Dwyer Vacation in Maldives - Dhuni Kolhu island paradise Here it is! The tour of our amazingly beautiful Maldives Dhuni Kolhu vacation / wedding anniversary trip (part 1!). I have lots of photos so to give you a full tour of the beautiful islands I’m creating separate posts. So grab your snorkel and fins and lets dive into some tropical fun photos.


Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean (its continent is Asian) composed of about 26 coral atolls which contain lots of small island. The island we stayed at for 8 days is called Dhuni Kolhu. Blue lagoons, white sand beaches, lush coral reef. Oooh how I miss it already! Esp since it is currently FREEZING in New York right now (52°F). Oh, the religion is primary Muslim so you may see pics of women wearing a hijab (veil covering the head and chest), mainly seen in the restaurants by the attendants.

View form the seaplane

Ada Gonzalez - maldives island - red seaplane

From the airport in the capital city (island) called Male (International Airport), we caught a seaplane reserved in advance to fly to our to our private island. It was a 30 minute flight (boat would had taken us about 2 hours I think). And seriously, it is a PRIVATE island by means that the resort was the ONLY establishment in the island. At the end of the day workers would hop on a boat to nearby residential islands or reside in their private lounges. Most islands are so small that each island has it’s own resort. Coco Palm is the name of the one we stayed at.

Check out the view of the islands from the cockpit of the plane . . .

2 - Maldives vacation - Dhuni Kolhu island - seaplane cockpit

We landed next to this teanie-tiny floating dock, where the boat was ready for us (and our bags) to sail to the island 5 minutes away  . . .

5 - Maldives vacation - Dhuni Kolhu island - red seaplane 6 - Maldives seaplane - arrival G

Besides the seaplanes, the other method of transportation is a boat. But NOT ANY BOAT, a Dhoni boat! These were used to take us snorkeling with the manta rays, dolphin watching, scuba diving and to simply to go from 1 island to the other (without the cost of a seaplane)

7 - dhoni boat in - Maldives - Dhuni Kolhu island Ada Gonzalez - maldives island - barefoot in sand beach Did I mention that we were barefooted for 6 days straight! Isn’t that crazy! The island is all beach (soft sand) so no need for shoes. We stayed at a beach hut villa. That meant that our front yard was THE BEACH. Yes, its a plate (or, island) fill of awesome sauce! Excuse the mess, we have our snorkel gear on the chairs . . . . Ohhh, in front of the chairs is our mini pool (which lights up at night) <- yep, another spoon full of awesome sauce.



C - Maldives - Dhuni Kolhu - island vaca - starfish


B - Maldives - Dhuni Kolhu - island vaca - beach hut deluxe villa ocean front Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - beach crab on arm

91_Dhuni Kolhu Maldives isand - Ada Gonzalez - carpentry - swing



0 The island is so adorably small that we ventured out to walk around the entire island (beach route) and it took us JUST 30 MINUTES.

F - Maldives - Dhuni Kolhu - island vaca - tan sunhat - beach


Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - red white catamaran sailing lessons

We took a private catamaran sail boat trip; just hub, me, and the skipper. Hubs got to sail the boat turning where the wind went. He’s a natural sailor. As he was “working”, I got to wear a waist strap that hooked to the side of the sail pole … here’s the cool part … I got to stand up, place feet planted on the side of boat as I (soooooo nervously) let go of the rope and lean back from the boat towards the water touching it with my fingertips. It was an AMAZING feeling of letting go and connected with nature/ocean. At first I kept thinking …  I hope a barracuda doesn’t just up at bite my butt. But when I let go of the fear, it became a wonderful memorable eeek-I-can’t-believe-i-did-it) experience. Similar to when I went ziplining in Hawaii (where I had to let go, trust, and enjoy the beauty around me).


Since 95% of the people in the island walk barefoot, there are giant urns filled with water and coconut spoon near the entrances of restaurants and concierge lounge (which had a library and pool table) to minimize the sand onto the floor (and treat our feet with warm water).

Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - no shoes - black arabian harem pants Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - coconut water urn for feet



Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu library - sofa Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu library - statue


There’s 3 restaurants, plus room service. Every morning there was the grand breakfast buffet. Customarily, buffets are created so you get to pick and choose the items you prefer to eat. Well, that’s not “our” definition of buffet. Our version is ….. quick-get-up-and-pick every-single-thing. GoGoGo, dive in! Hey, we didn’t want to miss out on any any exotic dishes. Hmmm, maybe this pineapple tastes different here. wink! Below is a photo of one of our “tamer” meals. Ironically I only gained 1lb. I guess all the snorkeling and scuba diving kept me in shape. Plus, sunbathing is my kind of weight/sweat loss (hehehe).


This is the spot where we lounged to watched the most spectacular sunset that I have EVER seen. Wait till u see the pics so u can judge for yourself. Photo reveal in another post. I became obsessed with their island drink mixtures. Come back next week to this post, by then I will had found the names of the drinks and ingredients that u may want to make for this summer.


Here’s our view during lunch. The other view was gazing into each others eyes since this wasn’t just a vacation, it was also our wedding anniversary. 6 years of blissful marriage to best friends (yep, we are BFFs).

Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - restaurant 20150430_185638 Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu library - restaurant
Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - restaurant - crab pancake design art


Shisha (similar to a hooka) is very common in Arab countries and they had it here, yaaay! I’m not a cigarette smoker, but I do love cigars. So shisha was such a treat especially since they are flavored. We tried … coconut, mint (our favorite), and strawberry. (psst, hope mom doesn’t see me smoking. Don’t tell her).

91_Dhuni Kolhu Maldives isand - Ada Gonzalez - shisha hooka smoking Ada Gonzalez - Maldives island vacation - Dhuni Kolhu - blue shisha

91_Dhuni Kolhu Maldives isand - Ada Gonzalez - on the beach villa hut
STAY TUNED . . . .

. . . for more photos: inside our villa hut tour (including the OUTDOORS bathroom which made me feel like a nudist hehehe) / scuba diving / manta ray  (I haven’t developed the underwater photos yet, so I hope they come out nice and not a big blob!) / dolphins / and a visit to another maldivian island 20 minutes away with so many COLORFUL homes. Oh, did I mention the 3 foot bats? stay tuned. Can you spot me in the photo below?

91_snorkeling in Dhuni Kolhu Maldives - Ada Gonzalez - blue bathring buit

91_Dhuni Kolhu Maldives isand - Ada Gonzalez - beach villa resort tips - dhoni


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  1. antonio says:

    Looks like an awesome vacation. I sooooo jealous. Can’t wait to see part 2.

  2. WOW! Beautiful! Your photos make me feel as if I’m there. 🙂
    Happy (belated) Anniversary. 🙂 <3

  3. felicita says:

    glad you had a great time. :>)

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