HOW TO EASILY MAKE A halloween MUMMY (4 1/2 feet TALL!)

halloween scarecrow - make a halloween mummy - large I’ve been wanting to create a Halloween mummy for a while now, but I wanted it to be tall (no wimpy mummy here!). So when I spotted a 4 1/2 foot autumn scarecrow in September, I immediately knew I had my “victim” to mummify muahahaha. See how you can turn an autumn scarecrow into a Halloween mummy in 7 steps. See how T-Rex (my accomplice) helped me mummify it below.

0_make a halloween mummy - large MATERIALS:
1. scarecrow (victim!), ours cost $5.99 from here
2. cheesecloth (like this one for $6)
3. canvas fabric stuffed or white fabric (old white t-shirt is fine too)
4. old stained clothes (for under the canvas fabric to give ti shape)
5. packing tape (helps CREATE and HOLD the body shape)
6. Upholstery foam (like this one for $4)
7. scissors

8. add a skeleton arm (more creepiness), ours cost $2.99 from here
9. sewing kit (to hold the skeleton arm in place)
10. triangular bandage wrap if you want the UNWRAPPING look like I created
1 make a halloween mummy - large 7 STEPS TO MAKE A HALLOWEEN MUMMY 

1. wrap OLD CLOTHES around the scarecrow to give it a wider + taller shape, THEN with CANVAS fabric (or white fabric - t-shirts will do also)

2. cut excess fabric

3. tape the canvas to HOLD the body shape form

4. cut strips of FOAM to create an L shape ARM(S) + LEGS

5. WRAP canvas fabric around the arms and legs (bind the legs)

6. TAPE arms to BODY

7. have fun WRAPPING entire body with cheesecloth (as you laugh sinister-ly muahahaha)  then display in:

  • outside your front door
  • your yard (remmeber the scarecrow comes with a stake so you can stake it into the ground)
  • inside your home for party or your family Halloween enjoyment

2 make a halloween mummy - large Optional: add 1 skeleton arm (I found this one at Michaels) and sew it on, so it looks like the mummy is starting to come alive.

3 make a halloween mummy - large

Additional Tip: if your cheesecloth is too “new” (too white and doesn’t have a yellow-old-dingy cool hue then dip it in TEA FOR 30 MINUTES to stain it and give it an old (mummified) look!

4 - how to dye cheesecloth with tea 5 make a halloween mummy - large 6 make a halloween mummy - large

diy 4 foot halloween mummy

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