Happy 3 Wise Kings Day | Dia de los Reyes

Yeah, the Kings left a gift and their camels ate the hay, wink! January 6 is el Dia De Los Reyes, the day the 3 wise kings visited baby Jesus and gave him the gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. Why the shoe box in my post today? It’s  a Puerto Rican (and other cultures) tradition where the eve before the 3 Wise Men Day arrival children would cut grass and place it in a box for the Kings camels/horses to eat. The next morning, the grass would be all gone and the kings/magi leave a thank you present. I first heard (experienced) this tradition when I stayed at my grandmothers house for the holidays around age 10. I remember waking up and seeing hay all over a box and feeling so ‘confused’ (what the hay happened grandma?), grandma took me into her arms and explained the tradition and I though it was the coolest-thing-ever! I’m pretty sure that I gave my mom the evil eye when I got home to New York for being jipped all these years. I still get misty eye thinking about the day I learned about the tradition bec my grandma passed away a few years ago. Beautifully, she also passed on this tradition that I plan to pass on to our children one day. I don’t remember the gift the “kings” (grandma) gave me, but the memory I will never forget (thanks grandma). My mom came over today, so we exchanged gift and I added hers in a box (with diy fake hay, wink!). I took some pics to show you . . . . .


Do you have family traditions that you wish you followed more often? Or maybe you do. When hubs and I have kids we def plan on passing this tradition on, presents are a great way to bribe teach kids to follow tradition, right? wink! I created the fake hay from twine (dipping it in glue to make it stiff), and the grass is actually pine needles from our xmas tree. OMG, wait until I show you how our xmas tree lost weight ….. hint: hubs took a handsaw and it’s now extra wood for our fireplace. I’ll show pics tomorrow.

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  1. Antonio says:

    What a great tradition, Thank you for sharing it with us : )

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