Ada was an amazing decorator! She asked great questions to get at the heart of what I was after and she got it spot on! I particularly appreciated that she found very affordable yet chic ways of adding the right amount of pizazz to my apartment. Everyone who has visited compliments the way the apartment looks- which is amazing! | Isabela B (New York, NY) | review from Yelp

I hired Ada’s Interior Design e-design services for my living and dining room.  The days leading up to my e-design, at that point, I had a feeling I was going to love it.  Ada’s questionnaire was very detailed and it was obvious that she really listened to my functional needs.  Her detailed follow up left me confident about this process that I wasn’t even sure about initially.  Once I received my e-design, I needed time to process on how beautiful and functional everything was.  She created space that I had hoped for~ her placement of colors and texture surrounding both spaces were so exciting~ she captured the feeling I wanted to create in both my living and dining room~ and what can I say?!?  I was just truly blown away.  I ended up purchasing everything that was suggested and she was so easy and enjoyable to work with.  I consider her to be a treasure of a decorator/artist and I cannot wait for my first dinner party.  Psst!…hands down…better than therapy. - Natasha S. (Brooklyn, NY) | review from Yelp 

I contacted Ada because I was looking for a fresh perspective on the space we have been living in for many years.  Ada has been extremely helpful by offering easy and budget friendly solutions. Her attention to details and sensitivity towards scale and texture is amazing. I look forward to working with again in the future. Highly recommended. | Barbara P. (New York, NY) | review from Yelp

It feels so good to have such an amazing home! This would not have been possible without you. This home highlights your creativity, attention to detail, and love. Charles and I appreciate your ability to channel the homeowners and provide a place that they can love and share. Thank you for all your hard work & care that went into our “Home Sweet Home” - Catherine + Charles Deller (Fleetwood, NY) | full service 

I absolutely love everything and I know this is where my work begins (crying and smiling at the same time).  Thank you for helping me find a clean way to store my books and other stuff in the form of a storage bench.  The colors in the LR plus the clean lines -I have to say how moved I was when I saw the LR gallery wall where the tv is.  I am very thankful.  Also I’m in love with DR..I was wrong! You WERE able to find a place for a second desk (just couldn’t believe it!) and will implement everything in both rooms.  - Natahsa Aybar (Queens, NY) | e-Design

Nora is awake briefly and loves loves loves everything you’ve found so far, Ada. Wow! So exciting! Ada, you are a rock star and worth your weight in gold! - Michael Brus (New York, NY) | e-consult

Hi Ada, Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It all makes so much sense 🙂 Especially the part about have brown highlights to tie it to the furniture.  I really appreciate your insight.  Thanks for explaining it so well.  I’ll keep you posted as it develops. ~ Barbara Polinsky (New York, NY) | e-consult

We got the consult and we love it. I like the way the wall-to-wall capet in the nursery becomes circumscribed in the alcove. And the little heirloom gray touches in the alcove carpet are great-“like whiskey in the milk,” as Nora put it. Thanks for the quick turnaround, and for the thought and eye you gave it! Michael Brus (New York, NY) | e-consult

“We moved to a new house a few months ago and have been struggling with where to start on the decorating front. One hour with Ada and we now have a whole host of ideas of what we’re going to do with each room and feel good about how we can do things by ourselves”  - Dhanusha Sivajee  (Scarsdale, NY) | onsite consultation

Thanks again for the wonderful suggestions Ada. I loved your enthusiasm, energy and passion that you bring. You surely made this process a lot more fun than I imagined it would be. Def feels much more of a home now 🙂 -Gaurav & Shruti (New York, NY) | full service

It was great meeting with you!  Still waiting on the contractor….shocker.  Thank you so much for stopping by and all of your expert advice.  We really appreciate it!   Love the floor lamp in black and definitely agree a new shade is in order.  Once the boxes are out of our room I will send you pictures with your advice put to practice! - Blake Davis (White Plains, NY) | onsite consultation

We wanted a living room/dining room that was more put together, without looking like we just bought everything off a crate and barrel catalog. We decided we need help since my husband and I do not have an eye for design. I saw Ada’s work at two of my friends’ apartments and liked her style. I love all the pictures (canvas prints, family pics in frame, etc) that are spread all throughout the room. They make the apartment very personal. I feel relaxed and happy. I already recommended her to a few more friends. She is easy to work with, very responsive, and listens to your style. Best of all, her fees are affordable. ~ Stephanie Chua (New York, NY) | full service 

Plain and simple - Ada ROCKS!! She is an amazing person to work with - I most enjoyed how she actively involved me in the transformation of my apt. I went from believing that I had no sense of style to appreciating that Ada somehow managed to squeeze out the “inner style guru” in me … I am truly happy with Ada’s work bec it reflects my personality, beliefs, and sense of style - one that I couldn’t find myself. My now fully furnished rooms look bigger now than they looked when empty! Coming home every day is a joy – as many of my friends say, it’s the ultimate bachelor pad. My favorite area is the living room, Ada truly did an exceptional job with it … I was baffled with how everything came together in a very precise fashion. I could not have asked for more - the couch dimensions and placement look like it was custom made for the room. The projection screen and entertainment system is placed so well, I have almost given up going to movie theaters … remembering what I originally had in mind for the living room makes me super glad that I hired Ada to decorate my apartment. -  Shumon Sharif (Sunnyside, NY) | full service

My schedule is extremely hectic, and without Ada’s encouragement, follow-up, and attentiveness, this would have been another project that I never completed! When I needed help making a decision, Ada was able to help without making me feel uncomfortable or pressured. I love my new place! Worth every penny!  It is such a pleasure to come to an apartment that you truly love, it makes a world of difference! I was looking to give the apartment more of a sense of style.  It was just things thrown together from previous apartments that did not hang together at all.  I wanted to the place to feel more warm and stylish. When I saw the transformation I felt - Joy!  I understood the vision that Ada had for the apartment from her designs and pictures.  However, I couldn’t really understand how all that would translate until I saw the final product.  It was precisely what I was looking for!  I truly love all the pieces that were added.  If I had to pick 2 favorites they would be the new love seat and ottoman.  Think they are my favorite because they are so unexpected.  Neither is something that I would’ve ever picked out or would’ve thought worked in the room.  They are fun and stylish and add unexpected color to the room.    I am so glad that I stumbled upon Ada’s website.  ~ Elizabeth Harvey | New York, NY | full service 

Hi there, Ada - First, thanks for responding in such great detail - that really shows that you care about your clients!  Secondly, I received the DDK and really like what you have done!!  Awesome, in fact.  I must say that I was pushing for the Murphy bed (sorry for that 🙂 but after seeing your design and the way you have it laid out I really understand now what you were thinking!  That’s why I hired you!  I love the location of the desks, the coffee table, and the placement of everything.  I don’t think I am going to change a thing!  Really.  Great job. - Adam Rubin (New Rochelle, NY) | e-decorating

“Our rooms are warm, inviting and is something we want to show off to our friends! Ada provides solutions, from understanding our goals and designing the space, to buying the pieces and arranging for general contractors to install the pieces. She constantly gives you updates on the status of various items & tasks and there were no hidden surprises when it came to costs. She is very friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s great! Trust her suggestions, even if they may seem unconventional, as it will come together very well.” - Rahul & Melanie Bose-Santos (Manhattan, NY) | full service 

“Is it wrong to be in love with a room? I love to come home just to see my place. My place feels serene. My father, who is a hyper-critical man that can find just about anything to nitpick, had nothing but positive things to say about Ada’s design. Ada is a highly professional perfectionist with GREAT taste! In every step of the way, she considered elements that would make me feel comfortable.” - Laurel Brown (Brooklyn, NY) | full service

I just got my Dream Design Kit and I am blown away! You did an AMAZING, thoughtful job. I LOVE the inspiration desk – and how you said that it would be great for an assistant – it’s like you went beyond reading my mind, and actually thought MORE about my space and what I might need than I ever did. I want to move my couch and chairs RIGHT NOW to see how that feels. xx Lisa Zaslow (New York, NY) | e-decorating kit 

I like Ada’s practical and fun approach of using existing items while incorporating colorful, design-minded items. I wanted to improve the look of our basement and to serve multiple purposes which Ada did. The basement now feels great. My favorite items are the curtains, area for the kids, furniture items (all of it). I enjoyed Ada’s positive attitude, flexibility, and providing options. Very professional and worked with my needs and situation. What would I say to someone considering Ada’s services? Go for it! ~ Ah-Young Kin (Larchmont, NY) | full service

“The feeling that I now have about my apartment can be summed up in one word: pride! I understand the principles of interior design a lot better than I did a few months ago. Ada is smart, perceptive, and very concerned with the client’s satisfaction. Be very clear about what you want and then have faith in her ability to design according to your tastes. Think of her as a highly advanced computer that processes info provided by you and comes up with a profile that most closely matches your personality. The more you give it, the more accurate the profile.” - Christopher Stevenson (Astoria, NY) | full service 

“Ada has great insight and she was able to get to the heart of what I was trying to convey in my home. She guided me so I could make the best choices for me. It was a collaboration of what I envisioned combined with her design expertise. Applause, applause, applause!”
Nicole Zinn (Manhattan, NY) | full service

“We purchased a newly constructed unit and were honestly intimidated by the blank canvas. Our main issues surrounded three aspects of the home - gut renovated brownstone, with plenty of windows, and an open master room. After Ada’s design transformation, put simply, we feel at home! Ada did a great job incorporating our preferences. Examples include – wedding pictures, color schemes, environmentally friendly furniture, and storage from our previous home. We enjoyed the process she incorporates into completing each project. Each stage has a corresponding creative concept, budget, timeline, and audit stage. We felt involved enough to have a vested personal interest, while relieved to know she had our best interests in mind.” - Kelly & Rick Florio (Brooklyn, NY) | full service 

I was in need for decorating services as I previously had another decorator who I had a very bad experience with. I was hoping to finish decorating my apartment and give it a warm happy feeling. I was very happy when the apartment was complete. It brought a smile to my face. What I liked most about working with Ada was her passion to make my apartment look great. She is very easy to work with and very honest. I would definitely recommend Ada to anyone looking to decorate their apartment. She does a quality job for a fraction of the cost of most decorators and finds quality furniture and decorations for very reasonable prices. - Michael Tafet (Riverside, NY) | full service

Thank you Ada for answering my questions with such honesty!  Your feedback means a lot… I want to also thank for your suggestion on looking within to listen to my heart and that inner voice that started out as a whisper and know has become more if a roar!  It’s a amazing how the answers are always found within we just have to do a bit of digging.  - Julie Jamison | mentoring 

Hi Ada – you sure put together a fantastic newsletter.  Just this morning I was thinking about how to beautify my home office and I love your ideas for wall art. - Julio Blanco  (Louisville, Colorado)

Hi Ada, We looked at your ideas and at first we were a bit unsatisfied… I think it’s because we could not see the whole picture. But after a second look we were able to picture your ideas and we LOVE it. Thank you so much !!! We think that it will look great after we buy all the furniture! Thank you sooooo much, Anna ( Queens, NY) | e-decorating kit 

Ada turned an unusual residential loft with 9 foot windows into an inviting loft that included a living/work design. She is a genius at optimizing a space with ideal furniture placements. She creatively managed to turn one open space into 3 functional areas - a living room, dining room, and office space; all clearly distinctive yet having a cohesive look. I found her design concept to be innovative and her ability to work with a tight budget impressive. Her presentation boards were ideal for helping me visualize what the grand finale would look like. Every new day that I walked into the loft I was amazed on how much was accomplished in such a short time.  - Eric Wolf  (Yonkers, NY) | full service

WOW, amazing! Oh how I wish I could snap my fingers and the re-make was complete! Haha. I absolutely love it! Thanks so much, and happy holidays and New Year! I will send pictures when I get the work done, if you are interested in seeing it! A very thankful client  🙂 Sandra Foley (Bronx, NY) | e-decorating kit 

Ada - Thank you so much for yesterday. You gave us tons of great ideas & resources! - Mollie Newman (New York, NY ) | onsite consultation


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