DIY Leaf Garland $0.00 | How to Bring Nature Indoors

This is my faaaaaavorite DIY garland. Perhaps because it’s a chance to bring nature indoors using real leaves hunted/gathered from outside this Thanksgiving. Or, perhaps bec it cost me $0.00 (ya’ll know I do my happy dance when saving money). Or, perhaps bec I decided to hang this garland on the ceiling (vs the wall) for a cool abstract/dimensional look. Did you see the Fabric Leaf Garland I made for $6.41 (see here).

The ingredients:

1. gather real leaves (the bigger the cooler) -> $0.00

2. Flatten leaves (book does the job at the cost of -> $0.00

3. thread clear cord (like this one) or use sewing thread with color similar to your wall). I used clear cord, cost is about $2.25, but since I already had it at home for other projects it cost me -> $0.00

4. hang / hook it up!  I already have a stack of hooks at home so it cost me -> $0.00 Use removable hooks like this one, or small nail, or even masking or washi tape (I talk more about this here).


Have fun hanging the garland up (as you clearly see from my face below … I LOVE PROJECTS LIKE THIS). Hang on wall or ceiling.

Here’s a recap.

Gather leaves; a variety, not the SAME shape or color, so get on the hunt for cool ones. Have fun finding leaves (if you have kids, give them the “mission”. Kids LOVE helping!).

Flatten leaves. Insert in book and SQOOOSH close. I left mine overnight . . .

Thread the clear cord . . . .

I used blue tape to temporarily attach the garland to the ceiling, until I fell in luv with the placement, then HOOKED IT UP!

Remember the days when these hooks were NOT removable? How did we (our walls/ceiling) survive? No nervous breakdowns here, bec the removable hooks leave no scuff marks (genius!).


There is another Leaf Garland I DIY’d that I will share this week. I hope you stay tuned. Though the next one is ALSO super economical to do, I still LOVE this one more (than even this one) bec it’s bringing nature indoors. You STILL HAVE TIME TO DECORATE creatively FOR TURKEY DAY .. so go on the hunt for leaves!

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2 Responses to DIY Leaf Garland $0.00 | How to Bring Nature Indoors

  1. antonio says:

    I love how you bring outdoors indoors. It looks great!

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