creating-fake-paint-dipped-hanging-leaf-decorations-by-ada-gonzalez Here’s the scoop, if you want a super economical, easy to make, colorful (customized to colors you love) hanging decor to give your wall a unique colorful happy look this autumn then try making these ‘pretend’ paint-dipped leaf hanging wall decor. I say ‘pretend’ paint dipped bec this gal has NO TIME to dip these leaves in paint, so check out what I did instead to get the paint dipped look without the messiness and how it all cost less than $4 buckaroooos . . . .

2_Ada Gonzalez_New York interior Decorator_ hanging leaf wall decor_paint dipped _brush 490

Technically, a paint dip design involves holding an item and DIPPING it into paint, hence PAINT DIPPED. The leaf hanging wall decor that I made looks as if it was paint dipped, but it’s not - I totally cheated. Not only do I not have time to scout deep plastic containers to pour paint in, but I always look for ways to make DIY projects easier for you.

So I ditched the paint dipped process (which is  -> fill container with paint -> then dip each leaf -> then clean the containers). UGH, I despise cleaning! Don’t you? Instead, I simplified the process and the best part is that this lovely paint-dipped-look leaf hanging wall decor cost me …. LESS THAN $4! And, you can easily make it too!


  1. dry leaves (free from mother nature)
  2. clothing thread ($1 from dollar store)
  3. branch (free from mom nature)
  4. medium size artist brush ($1 from dollar store)
  5. watercolor paint ($1 from dollar store)

What supplies do you already have at home? Here are more tips:

  • this wall decor can be even MORE ECONOMICAL than $4 if you already have thread in your home. Do you? If you do then that means that this beautiful color wall decor would cost you just a $1.00 (bec you only invest in buying the paint from the $1 store). Excited yet!!!
  • For the thread, try to get a thread color that matches your wall so the thread blends into your wall and the leaves look like they are floating. Awesome sauce right? Then go shopping at Mother Nature to see all the beautiful freebies she has for us to decorate our homes!
  • I use watercolor bec it easily seams into the dry leaves, easy breezy!

3_Ada Gonzalez_New York interior Decorator_ hanging leaf wall decor_paint dipped _brush


  1.  layout the strands on your table to determine the height and width you desire
  2.  tie each leaf stem with the clothing thread to create a strand (garland of 1 to 3 leaves per strand or more if you want a longer look)
  3.  tie each strand onto the branch after you finalize the layout (from step 2)
  4.  dip brush into paint (DILUTING a little with water) then paint the TIPS of the leaves. Remember to protect your table from paint … add old newspapers, or garbage bags, etc.
  5. mount branch onto your ceiling or wall using mini hooks like these

Finally, invite friends and fam over and casually stand under the hanging art that you created, then when you catch their attention pop your collar with pride, then point to the decor, then say “I made it”. Optional: add a wink. 


4_Ada Gonzalez_New York interior Decorator_ hanging leaf wall decor_paint dipped _brush 5_Ada Gonzalez_New York interior Decorator_ hanging leaf wall decor_paint dipped _brush

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