1 unique planter - using light fixture shade

A lot of my clients that move into a new home have a #1 request. . . . please get rid of that UGLY ceiling light fixture! Which I happily do. But, did you know that you can also re-purpose some of those ‘ugly’ ceiling lamp shades into a cool modern looking ‘unique’ planter? Below is the SIMPLE way that you can turn the unexpected (like an old ceiling lamp shade) into a planter. For this project I used a ceiling fan lamp glass shade and turned it into a planter. From ugly to unique, see how below.



Step 1. add soil (with lightweight rocks for filtration)

Step 2. add plant (yeah, that simple!)

Oh, there is a 3rd step. Step 3 - tell EVERY-SINGLE-PERSON that comes to your home that your planter was a lamp shade (and show your awesomeness!).
2 unique planter using ceiling fan shade turned into planter 3 unique planter using ceiling fan shade turned into planter

I added an aloe plant (if you remember, I had a plethora of them as shown in this project), but you can add any plant or florals that have a sturdy stem / leaves for a full look. And how much did you pay for this unique planter? Tsst, zero cost since you upcycled it from an item that you planning on disposing!  Remember, uniqueness does not have to mean EXPENSIVE. Have a spectacular day! I hope it’s full of unique unexpected fun! (((HUGS)))

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