It has begun (no turning back) | Kitchen reno!

Yep, it has b-e-g-u-n, kitchen renovation time! The kind of “decorating” that involves demolition! I confess, I am giddy with excitement bec this isn’t a project that I meet with the contractors and give them the design plan, instead we (mr + mrs) are tackling this project ourselves (yeaaaahhhh!). Like creating this fancy dust protector covers using garbage bags …

Here’s a peek at how our kitchen looks without reno. I had already started taking out the upper cabinet doors.

The design plan is:
remove/replace the backsplash (tile the entire window wall!)
remove the UGLY oooooold contact paper from each cabinet shelf
remove/replace the countertop from laminate to quartz
remove/replace the floor
remove/replace new faucet (bronze) + sink (white)
refinish the cabinet doors
add new hardware (hinges / door knobs)
custom fit microwave into cabinet

Sounds simple huh?! Well, within those steps are a 1,002,540 additional steps to the design. But to every design first start with these 3 steps:

1. write your top wish list (what you envision), don’t factor cost in just yet simply jot down all that you would like to do.

2. narrow down a budget. Our budget for this kitchen is $5,000

3. get comparable prices for major items (like countertops, flooring, etc) - your 3rd quote may be the one that keeps you in budget for your dream design, so compare compare compare prices! Once you have all the prices, then this is the time to be realistic. Narrow down what you want to keep in the design and what you are willing to give up to stay within the budget. For example, keeping the old stainless steel functional sink can save you $400. For our design, we decided to buy a new sink, we wanted a white one. And, we chose a white acrylic sink which is more economical than the white cast iron sinks.  Here’s a peek at the too-floral-for-my-style (aka: grandma looking) contact paper that I removed from way tooo many shelves:

Closer view of the current backsplash which are white square tiles with green leaf design in the corners . . .

And then it was demolition time …. yaaaaaay (bye bye tiles):

We (ahem, hubby) cut 2 doors in prep for our new microwave area:

And did I mention already that I plan to use rocks as cabinet door knobs? Yeah, I looked like a cRaZy lady outside picking up rocks:

Well, gotto get back to the reno. Stay tune for more detailed updates so you can join the fun.

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6 Responses to It has begun (no turning back) | Kitchen reno!

  1. Mitzi Curi says:

    Wow, you are going to have an amazing kitchen when you are finished!

  2. Johanna says:

    Redoing a kitchen is such an endeavour. We did it 2 years ago. BUT! So glad we did it. Totally worth the pain!

    • Ada says:

      And pain it is (muscles ouchies … knocking out wall tiles, etc. ouchie etc.). But agreed, I am loving the way it looks and super excited to see the end design.

  3. Antonio says:

    Looks like fun. Can’t wait to see the after photos.

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