Chalkboard Xmas tree and more in Ada’s kitchen!

I promised I would show pics of how I decorated my home for Christmas (it got too crazy busy to publish it before the holiday … but better late then never, right??).  If you like the decorating ideas simply PIN it now for next year. Today I’ll show kitchen. I mounted a wreath on a wall, and then since we have a chalkboard painted wall, I drew a Christmas tree (plus presents with garland) on it. First I took a photo of the wall, then drew the designs on the photo to make sure I liked it before I climbed up the ladder with chalk in hand:


What I aim to remind you with these pics is that with SIMPLE and ECONOMICAL items you can transform a room magically. Changing it from November (Thanksgiving Day) to December (Christmas ho ho ho time!) easily. All we added was (1) a Nutcracker, (2) a gingerbread man trivet,  (3) $5.00 wreath (from Home Depots’ Black Friday sale), and . . .  (4) chalk! Oh, we also added poinsettia’s on the window sill (but I forgot to take pics of it). Once decorating is done you can enjoy hugging presents with creative gift wrappings, bake cookies, and have fun.


I’ll be showings pics of how I decorated our master bedroom, bathroom, and living room soon, including our Xmas tree. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Chalkboard Xmas tree and more in Ada’s kitchen!

  1. Antonio says:

    Looks soooo festive, love the holiday graffiti ; ) . Thank you for the behind the scenes sneak peek.

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