The end of fumbling with your keys has arrived!

Cool news … I am now an expert contributor at the fabulous women’s lifestyle network called SheKnows (Named Top 100 Women’s Website by Forbes). Yaaaay (cue: confetti). There I will be creating, styling, photographing and writing fun DIY projects at a higher exposure - like more than a million viewers a month, people! Yes 1,000,000++. Whaaaat? Yep, that’s how much coverage SheKnows receives from their stimulating (entertaining, fun, positive, delicious) site. So mosey on over to my first article where you can see more of my writing humor and find out how you can stop fumbling for your keys in this 2 step crafty solution. Mosey on here to see more photos and read the full article.

Here’s an excerpt:

As if we aren’t carrying enough in our hands (mail, groceries, purse, yoga mat, baby, flowers, umbrella, etc.), grabbing the correct key sometimes (or let’s face it, many times) seems like a chore. It’s a fumble sport aiming to spot, grab and … [ continue to read here ]. 

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