Isela’s Modern / Eclectic Living Room Reveal

Ready to see how Isela’s living room/dining room turned out? The design concept was revealed  (including the design presentation boards) last week here. <- take a peek if you want to see how the apartment looked before my design was installed.  The above photo shows the entryway to her now gorgeous apartment.  Welcome to the tour …. a modern apartment infused with decor from my client’s travels:

 I am a professional pillow fluffer: 

Even the door knobs got a new look:

We placed the dining furniture near the kitchen. The sleek / slim design of the table and chairs makes the space feel spacious - even when placed next to a huge sofa (aka: design magic!):

I looove the wood grain in these chairs:

Meow <- that’s my tigress sound effect when viewing the ooh so pretty zebra stripe mini-side-table and pillow:

Often there are items that I buy for my clients that I craaave for myself (if I were to re-decorate my home for the 5th time).  The raw edge side table in this living room is SUCH AN ITEM!  Stunning. Here’s a closer look so you can oooh and aaaaah:

In case you are wondering what I am doing here   ….

… I was turning the ottoman over to reveal the gorgeous detail (belt strap) underneath so you can see it:

I love how you can see the stairs from the mirror (makes the space look ever larger than it is … which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e):

Did you notice the carved details in the wall mirror? This mirror was ROUND 2 … the original arrived with the glass damaged. The vendor replaced it and gave us the OK to dispose of the damaged one.

Closer view …  Do you remember the original blue (waaay to small) pendant lamps in the kitchen? See here. The capiz shell rectangular pendant light fixture balances (in visual height + shape) the rectangular shape of the counter + upper cabinets … yep, I aim to balance EVERYTHING. This photo shows it lite up … let there be (ooh sooo gorgeous) light:

And here it is with the lamp turned off ….. yep, still gorgeous, right:

Cozy, comfy, leather chair - a perfect HUG shape chair:

Isela travels a lot for her work. I remember her eye shining with joy when I shows her the 3 panel Buddha head …
. . . she recalled seeing it in her travels and had hoped to acquire one, one day. Well, her day came + instead of  having the added expense of shipping it from overseas, we purchased it locally and she STILL had a GREAT story of seeing it for the first time overseas.
The masks, African sculptured utensils, and knitted bench were already owned (and loved) by Isela, I simply found a spot to accentuate their beauty + memories.
Next week, I’ll show you her vivaciously colorful guest bedroom/home office. Here’s a peek through the door:
  Did you notice the Moroccan inspired area rug? I love the color + still kicking myself that I didn’t get an extra one for my guest room. Tomorrow I’ll be posting photos from the estate sale at ….. ready for this … a mansion in Rye, NY! Yep, a mansion, that’s how I roll (spoiler alert: I didn’t take much photos of the items for sale since I was too busy oooh’ing and aaah’ing at the architecture of the mansion. Stay tuned.
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  1. noreen says:

    you did beautiful work, ada. it looks colorful and peaceful.

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