Isela’s Guest Room / Home Office Design

For Isela’s guest room we didn’t add too much - just enough to make it look spectacular and to become a functional room (for guests to chill-ax, and for Isela to store her work stuff).

Here’s a count of what we added (1) cool map artwork, (2) unique closet door knobs, (3) colorful rug, (4) serene gray carpet tiles), (5) roman shades, and a (6) sofabed <- that’s it! Oooh, we also did replace the ceiling light fixture… so, (7) items added to the room (7 1/2 if you count the decorative pillows)!  I’m bad at math. My design had a 3-tier side table, but we removed it from the design to save moolaah for the master bedroom design (psst, the reveal is next week!!!).

So, what else did we do …. we painted: all the walls (light tan), the ceiling (hi-gloss blue) <- I looove having ceilings painted non-white for the EXTRA unique visual element), and door frames (white). Here’s a peek at the furniture placement:

This is the corner that we placed the sofabed in .. this is a before photo (hence the room NOT painted yet):

Bye bye ceiling hanging thingy-thing (light fixture wanna be) but thank you for shining some light into the room when we needed it):

Ready to see the Design Presentation Board (psst, here’s a peek at another design board here)? …..

Here I am installing the carpet tiles …. that’s right, I don’t just sit around drinking my caramel frappuccino, this decorator does work. And my muscles usually feel the ‘work’ the next day (ouchies!):

Here’s my pretty assistant, Evelisa, doing a room check … check check 1, 2, 3 (making sure EVERYTHING on our + contractor’s punchlist was done):

Stay tuned for the reveal! I’ll try to post it tomorrow or Friday the latest. In the meantime, did you see the photoshoot pics of the living room design? What do you think of the design?

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3 Responses to Isela’s Guest Room / Home Office Design

  1. I need to see that glossy blue ceiling! I love ceilings painted a colour other than white too :-) The sneak peek is looking good - love those carpet tiles and the map art. I’ll definitely be back for the reveal!

    • Ada says:

      Great, see you at the reveal. Oh, btw own home’s hallway has a green ceiling <- I've been meaning to add a stenciled design to it too (oooone day!).

  2. Jesus Romeo says:

    This post is so exciting! Because i really want to see the appearance result of this customized interior design they do. I am looking forward and waiting for the photos! Thanks!

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