Sofa arrived! See Isela’s Guest Room/Home Office

Guest room is done (thus far)…. yaaay! My beautiful client Isela travels a lot so the walls will be filled with artwork that she finds in her travels. Mosey on over here if you want to take a peek at the before photos. Now, it’s reveal time.

Roman (with a classic fold) shades in …..

Sofabed installed  …. (I ended up placing the vase I am holding below in the living room):

Check list of furniture items ….. (checked, checked, checked!) …

Blue sky (ceiling painted blue), and did you see the gorgeous pendant light fixture (clear cluster of globes)? Huge difference than the hanging thinga-ma-gig that was there before:

Serene gray carpet tiles added next to the sofabed (for easy zzzz motivation), vibrant colors added to the work area (for E=MC2 work motivation) …. hey, every bit of “motivation’ geared to energize or relax us helps right?! Here are more photos ….


Notice how the area rug colors “match” the map colors? Serendipitous beauty.

The map was a beautiful last minute (“OMG, it’s PERFECT”) art find, filled with different colorful fabric-like patterns. Isn’t it gorgeous? - created by artist Bianca Green. Perfect balance with the colorful area rug that is  also filled with an eclectic motif mix of fabric patterns.

Stay tuned …. I will be revealing soon the master bedroom design (how we re-organized a busy bookcase’, added top down/up shades, and much more) …. a new color story … and a mustache DIY (a whaaa? stay tuned).

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4 Responses to Sofa arrived! See Isela’s Guest Room/Home Office

  1. rooth says:

    That’s a great little room to get some serious work done in - no distractions except for the view out that window

    • Ada says:

      yep, with a cool balance of vibrant colors on items (like rug, map) to keep you awake, and soothing wall/ceiling colors to keep you relaxed.

  2. homestilo says:

    Love the colors in the rug and map decal. Sure to make any guest feel at home.

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