Summer break! … see u in autumn (or on Instagram!)

Office is (almost officially) closed for the summer. I still have one more consultation for a client in Manhattan (UES) on furniture placement and wall paint colors.  But I did complete the 2  full service projects that were pending. Wooohoooooooooooo! What’s the celebration for? What’s the big deal? Besides the excitement of seeing my design drawn on paper come to life via the final project installations (which always gets me giddy w/excitement), it also means that I can take my 2 month sabbatical leave from work (summer break, woot woot!). AKA: time needed so I don’t have a nervous breakdown from work overload. A break means more time to read that stack of interior design magazines that is starting to look like the tower of pisa … investing more time in finishing the designs I have for my own home …. cooking without mistakenly placing my laptop in the freezer (juggling work) ….   and connecting more with my fellow awesome creative bloggers online and in person.

I was hoping to be able to post the other photoshoot pics of Elizabeth’s living room but kinda ran out of time - I’ll post them when the office re-opens (promise!). I will however be posting some ‘behind the scenes’ pics of my home projects via instagram if you want to follow.  But overall I plan to be at the pool ……… suntan here I come!

Have a beautiful FUN-FILLED summer!

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14 Responses to Summer break! … see u in autumn (or on Instagram!)

  1. Antonio says:

    Congratulations on finishing your projects, enjoy your sabbatical , I look forward to following you on instagram.

  2. Have a wonderful, relaxing summer! /Niki :)

  3. homestilo says:

    Enjoy your Summer Ada!

  4. noreen says:

    hooray for you, ada! enjoy your vacation!

  5. Have a great vacation and enjoy your summer!


  6. Hope you’re enjoying your break!! Sounds wonderful. :)

  7. noreen says:

    hey ada, how was your break from blogging? happy fall. i hope your business is very busy. but then you might not blog anymore?

    joy to you! n

    • Ada says:

      Happy autumn to you too Noreen! Summer break was great (surprisingly went fast). Funny thing about not blogging for the summer … I TOTALLY FORGOT my password to log into my blog (hahaha).

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