How to make an igloo (u know u want to!)

What to do when we have soooooo much snow? We create - igloo! I teamed up with hubby to create a ‘exterior’ home - igloo style. Hubs even added a shelf, and I (of course!!) couldn’t resist decorating the inside (flower, vase, book, etc.) Easy steps to create your own.

1. snow (duh!)
2. shovel (to carve entrance)
3. rectangular container (for bricks)

Steps: (1) Pile a mountain of snow (in semi-round shape). (2) Use shovel to carve entrance . . . .

(3) To make the bricks scoop up snow in a rectangular container (I used the plastic container that my store bought strawberries came in). Turn it over, onto the house/igloo .. one by one by one.  It was fun to see the transformation.

(4) Add a chimney with a stack of more snow. We were tempted to stick a pole in the ‘chimney’ to make it vent then smoke a cigar inside the igloo to see if the chimney puffed smoke, but I chickened out nervous that the igloo would collapse with the warmness of the smoke. So, it’s a ‘faux’ chimney, wink!

Inside …. (I hired a professional decorator [me!!] to decorate it) …

Neighbors stopped by to inspect the fun. . . .

And of course, this interior decorator haaaaaaad to decorate the interior. The shelf holds drinks, and a vase with a rose. Then I also added our patio cushion so sitting in the igloo became more comfy. Chillax time reading a book. DO YOU LOVE IT as much as I do? Let me know in the comment area. Here are more pics . . . .

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