I (my blog) is moving …. check out the colors in my office

Hi! I am so sorry I have been a bit M.I.A lately. The past few weeks I have been in ‘moving mode’. No, not moving to a different home, but having my website re-developed to merge with my blog and moving it .from blogger.com to wordpress …. and I have to admit it almost feels strenuos and labor intensive as an actual move .. at times feeling a bit disheveled & drained with tons on images/files to move (similar to having load of boxes), gathering/sorting images for the web developer (similar to packing away stuff for an actual move). Maybe it would be smoother (less gray hair gathering) if I could take a vacation from all other factors of my work and concentrate on this development, but no … and hey that is OK .. because the new site is going to be amazing! I already love all the yummy posts and ideas that I have gathered for you … lots of inspirational pictures … including Color Mood Boards that I will be featuring in our new column which is called “Wednesday’s Wink“. Here’s a sneak peek … 

If you are a subscriber to the blog, you may have to subscribe again to get your email updates, but I guarantee you that you will love the new look! If you have any questions feel free to email my office at info@adasdesigninc.com . Stay tune for the official reveal this week (fingers crossed). I will be revealing pictures of my office (which incorporate the colors of the mood board above … yeah I am a bit ‘girly’ .. loving pink! It makes me smile! As always, thank you for visiting me here (((HUGS))) Ada!

(images: Ada’s Interior Design)

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2 Responses to I (my blog) is moving …. check out the colors in my office

  1. Jan Haas says:

    I love your color board- so artistic and vibrant! I can't wait to see your new site. You would be such a fun decorator to work with. I really like your playful, budget friendly style!

  2. Ada says:

    Thanks Jan for stopping by! We have more colors boards to showcase in the future … hope to see/read you here :)

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