Hat_Velcro uses_ Size a hat - Ada Gonzalez - New York economical Interior Decorator stylist _ black flopping hat copy I love HATS and I love any-all-everything that makes life easier. You know, the quick solutions that save money and have us enjoy life even more. As much as I love my ever growing collection of hats, I kinda have to check the weather before I wear them bec if it’s windy my biceps end up getting a workout grabbing the hat’s edge before it flies away = life not easy. So, when I was at JoAnns I spotted a hat fitter!

A HAT FITTER! Did you know those exists? An item to make your hat more tight on your head. Well, I didn’t. And I’m kicking myself bec that could had been my million dollar invention.

black floppy hat with bengal kitten _ Ada Gonzalez - New York economical Interior Decorator stylist

Then, when I told mom she nonchalantly said  ‘oh, I would simply use velcro’. What? Velcro?! GAAA, GENIUS! And, why didn’t “i” think of that! Ugh, too late for me to save money and return the hat fitter back to Joanns, but NOT for you. If you have been a bit afraid to buy or wear a stylish hat and it’s simply decorating your home instead of your head, then kung-fu that fear, and:

1. buy an all purpose velcro (which has MANY uses). Buy one that has adhesive on 1 side.

2. attached it to the inside rim of your hat to make it nice and snugly as we show below  . . . .

fashion stylist cat _ uses of velcro

uses of Velcro for preventing hats from flying_oversize hat

Oh, allow me to take this opportunity to introduce you to T-Rex. He’s my new assistant, stylist, troublemaker, heart thief, and Guard-Cat-in-training (though he’s been doing more troublemaking + sleeping then guarding).

I wanted to name him Chocolate Chip, since he’s a purebred Bengal (adorable spots), but hubby thought it was too ‘girly’ so we went with a more vicious name, T-Rex. below photo shows him “helping” me style for this photo shoot, we have 4 other hats that we need to velcro-glamize! See 10 other uses for Velcro here. Have a beautiful day.

bengal kitten_interior decorator

varirty of hats _bengal kitten

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  1. hena tayeb says:

    that’s brilliant

  2. Love this! I Love hats and have this problem. going to try this simple solution! And the photos of T-Rex make me smile :-) ADORABLE!!!

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