My autumn ventures | horses, garlic, cronuts

I’m still in la la land not believing that Thanksgiving is next week. But, it is. So time to get cooking - literally and figuratively with my DIY craft projects …. I have some garland leaves that I will be sharing soon. I love the new ventures I had in the past few months. Like galloping to watch the American Gold Cup Equestrian Show (btw first prize winner got $200,000! Yep, there’s no typo there)! One of my favorite moments was / still is petting and feeding the horses. 

Hmmmm, since I didn’t choose equestrianism as my career, what would I put on the hood of my car  ….


… maybe a paint brush? .. or miniature sofa?  It was a GREAT weekend treat! Hubs and I also ventured to garlic land. Also known as Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. Garlic in EVERYTHING. As in … popcorn, … hamburgers, …. cupcakes. Heavenly, ridiculously delicious!

I also got to taste my first croNut, which is a combined croissant and doughnut = deliciousness! Apparently a big deal in NYC, where people wait for almost an hour to get their order (eek!).

Had to pick our tomatoes from the garden with the cold hot cold hot cold hot weather that we have been getting.

And to balance my doughnut intake, I’ve ventured into going here regularly . . .

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