What’s New ….. { the Hold me Pillow }


Wooohoooo, our new pillow line for hellooohome is now available for purchase ….. this pillow cover color is a soft beige/cream color with our signature ‘pocket of love’ heart. The pocket heart is approx. 7″ wide … enough space to add a greeting card or stuff some tissues … for when you are feeling sickie or for those tear-jerker movie nights:


I love this cream/beige color … very classic!!! Do you like the color? Here is a closer view:


Tissue anyone? This would be a great Get Well present too:


The back is our classic envelop fold so you can easily add/remove the foams /inserts:


I love giving ideas, so here is another usage idea to make the classy pillow fun-functional: … besides tissues, you can add a cell phone (to keep it handy when waiting for a special call):

So, chat with me (I loooove hearing from you) … what do you think of this new addition to our hellooohome line? Head over to our shop to view all our current ‘pocket of love’ items up for sale. Happy weekend!!!

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5 Responses to What’s New ….. { the Hold me Pillow }

  1. homestilo says:

    Looks great and the perfect colour combo just in time for Valentines Day. I really like the ‘get well’ idea too.

  2. I love the white pillow. I’ll have to show it to my husband with a “hint hint”.

    • Ada says:

      So glad u love the pillow! The color is actually a cream/light beige :) Maybe u can print the photo and put in under his pillow (haha).

  3. Antonio says:

    Love the pillow. Awesome idea

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