{ hi } … xmas village skiers - glue to the rescue!

At home we have a seemingly never ending collection for our xmas town. Just recently I spotted a  ‘people’ set of a family getting ready to go skiing (well, at least that is how I see them, since they don’t look exhausted yet haha). So …  we loved it … we  purchased it … then broke it (queue in the cry!!!). I could not find any crazy glue, so out came the Elmer’s Glue-All … and would it REALLY glue ALL(???):

The father carrying the kid on the shoulder was a breeze to glue (phew):

However, the teenager was a pain in the tuuush to glue since it had broken at an angle that shifted it forward (arrgghh!!). So, what’s a problem solver to do? I needed something with texture to hold/push it back from the front so I eyed my recycling bin, grabbed paper, crunched it and voila.

So, the family is out of the infirmary and now ready to go back skiing!!!!!

Do you set up an xmas village during the holiday? What’s ur fave building in your village? My fave building in our village is the coffee shop, but I must say I believe the people are what makes the town special …. in the ‘real’ world as well ;)

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8 Responses to { hi } … xmas village skiers - glue to the rescue!

  1. homestilo says:

    These are adorable. Those teens, always a pain in the tuush-Ha!

    • Ada says:

      Glad u like, thus far he’s not getting into any more ‘accidents’ :) … thank goodness bec. I am out of glue!

  2. Carola says:

    What a cool idea! Congrats for the blog!

  3. adorable. who would think fixing tiny broken skiers would be adorable? but it is, and they are. happy for you!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Noreen, its def easier to be in the ‘fixing mode’ when the thing to fix are cute .. it’s like we r coming to the rescue!!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh their poor little ankles! I do have a Christmas village. My favorite is the house from ‘A Christmas Story’. I also used to have a Westminster Abbey (um yeah like $100!) and I broke it! I’m still too scared to fix it myself.

    • Ada says:

      House from Christmas Story sounds FUN! I haven’t seen that one. Remember, we tend not to use what is broken, so might as well fix (glue it or get someone to do it for you) so you can display it without continuing to think .. it’s broken … but yeah it was and now it’s aaaall fixed :) I am placing a village in my bathroom this year too :) So neighboring towns have to take the plane/train/bus to travel .. hahaha ; )

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