{ hi } … my polka dot poinsettias

Haaaappy Saturday aka: Christmas Eve!! … countdown to presents begins for my family. How did your Christmas decorating go this year? Do you decorate with any poinsettias plants? I LOVE them, and have many throughout our home. What I don’t like is the boringzzz planter that they normally come in, soooooo paint sharpie to the rescuuuuue:

And, of course with diys I need my strength so I MUST add cookies to keep my creativity fueled:

I grabbed my red paint sharper and added dots … for some polka dots merriment:

Then I crossed the line wanted to jazz it up more, but I didn’t like the way it looked (for me the simpler the design the nice it it). Anything else sometimes feels ’cluttered’, so I grabbed my nail polish remover + Q-tips ….

….. and removed the verticle lines:

Aren’t the leaves gorgeous?

As you see I had enough will power NOT to eat all the cookies (well, at least, not until after the photoshoot):

Remember the DIY fabric tree ornamnet that my design assistant Evelisa was working on? It’s all done, check it out:

Isn’t it pretty!  Did you see how it was started (the before look)?

Have a GREAT day and …… Happy holidays! (((HUG)))

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4 Responses to { hi } … my polka dot poinsettias

  1. Very cute! Your assistant’s ornament is cute too. If I had more time it would be fun to make those.

  2. Amanda says:

    I also like poinsettias I have about 4 in my house. I love the color they come in. The ornament is super cute too. I think next year I’m going to decorate a little bit more or change it up a bit.

    • Ada says:

      Wonderful to hear that u r planning on decorating more next year … whcih is aroudn the corner - 4 more days woohoooo!!!!

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