{ hi } … gift tags from XMAS CARDS (1of2)

Hello friends, are you running low in gift tags? Then start eyeballing any extra christmas cards that you may have laying around or take a stroll to your local discount store to pick up a few economical xmas card. OH, but 1st read this post where I create 3 tags from 1 card (pluuuuuuus, at the end I have more recycles gift tags ideas to share):

Ok, I have my stash of cards ready … plus of course I need holiday cookies for strength:

I cut the heading of the card from the main photo:

Hole punch it and …. that makes ONE tag from 1 card:

Then I cut/trim the sides of the front design of the card, hole punch it, and  .. that makes TWO gift tags from 1 card:

Then I cut the inside (the saying) of the card:

And that my freinds … makes THREE gift tags from 1 card! Check out below a few of the sayings inside the cards:

If you have colorful envelopes .. then eyeball them as well, I even took some articifial poinsettias leaves to create gift tags (hmmm, nothing is safe around my home when I need gift tags haha):

All tagged up with holiday cheer:

This year when the holiday is over don’t throw out the cards given to you, see (‘inspect) which you can use for next year’s DIY gift tags – even photo holiday cards. Oh, did you see the custom photo gift cards that I created a few days ago?

Now I am not signing off yet ….. I am posting TWICE today so I can share the recycled tags I made from my visit to Starbucks. Stay tune

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4 Responses to { hi } … gift tags from XMAS CARDS (1of2)

  1. Tania says:

    Love this…included link on my fb page. I wrapped some gifts last night using fashion mag editorial pages (great minds think alike 🙂 !

  2. Janet says:

    These are such clever ideas. I have old Christmas Cards and I feel guilty throwing them out, but now I know what to do with them. 🙂

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