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Welcome to my office tour! My office sweet office. I hope you enjoy the tour. I also added answers for questions that I get asked often. When designing my office I knew I wanted to be surrounded by vibrant energetic colors that illuminated happiness and that had a fun twist of sophistication (queue in the wallpaper, cow hide area rug, long shiny curtains, and more!). I’m not the type of gal that wears pink outfits, but I do LOVE walking into a bright office .. guess it’s my caffeine! The colors simply makes me ‘feel happy’. And isn’t that what we all want? … days full of laughter, fun, and happiness with minimized stress! I sure do! And oooh boy, it sure can get stressful running your own biz.




1. Work attire. No, I don’t work in my PJs. However, if I have a deadline and my schedule is tight to/from the gym then I work in my gym clothes until I finish the deadline, then swan dive into the shower.

2. Snooze button. I wake up at 6:30am; hardly ever hitting the snooze button, but zombie’ing into the kitchen for caffeine.

3. Morning routine. For the days that I don’t go to the gym, I get caffeinated, jump in the shower, make/have breakfast, clear dishwasher, meditate for 5 minutes, then take a walk around my neighborhood (10 minute walk) before I even enter my office … so it not only feels like I am walking to my office every morning, but I get to mentally prepare myself for the day.

4.  Lunch. I love to say that I have a kitchen in my office (haha, since my office is in my home), but I actually don’t often take a lunch break, at least not one that lasts more than 10 minutes. <- trying to change that! 

5. Any unexpected visits. I had an assistant that came in super early one time and I had just walked out of the shower … so I opened the door with hair wet and in my robe. She was fine with it, I felt weird (naked!) about it but didn’t want to leave her waiting outside. From then on I stressed to all my assistants to arrive “on” time. This is ALSO the reason why I don’t advertise my home address, to avoid clients showing up when I am wearing a kiwi mud mask.

6. Tables. We have 3 tables, all serve different purposes. The round table is where we create mood boards and layout our cutting mat. We have 5 chairs; 2 with wheels casters on the chairs was a MUST when I designed the office. It’s a fun factor pushing from 1 side of the room to the other. Also have a credenza holding the printer and my lemon tree that doesn’t blossom any lemons.

7. Wallpaper. Purchased from here. To find the design I have, look under Radiant Orange tab, then Modern (##WC1280100).

8. Paint swatches. I have my wall paint color swatches visibly mounted to a wall so they can be ACCESSIBLE. We have a small step stool to reach the top ones. accessible! I mainly use (refer) Benjamin Moore paint. I used 2″ ring binders to hold the swatches (similar one here).

9. The pink grandfather clock. It’s not painted, it’s a wall decal from here with a $3.99 clock from Ikea placed in the center.

10. Ladder. Purchased from Ikea, but spray painted to get the gray pearlescent color. Our tall bookshelf system called for a ladder (who needs yoga when you have a ladder at work, right?! Ok, I still love yoga!). It’s also a design trick to give a wall (area) a 3D look.

11. My most precious item office. It’s the “I love you rock” under the work table? See why here.

12. Pets? Yes, we have fish and a snail (named Gary after Spongebob’s pet). I like calling them our office Mascots bec they cheer us on throughout the day, wink!

13. Organized or messy office. With some design / craft projects we have materials everywhere (on floor, tables, ladder. etc), but we aim to wrap it up (put everything back if not by the end of the day then by the next morning). As for my actual desk, I usually do have papers scattered (furniture photos, project reviews, client budget lists, etc) throughout the day, however (and this is something I have done for yeaaaaars), by the end of the work day, I pile all my papers together so the next day I don’t walk into a messy desk. Otherwise, it would drive me bananas!

14. French doors. Entrance to my office had to be glam’d with French doors, it originally had 1 solid door. See how hubby and I installed + saved money here.

Thank you for visiting my office! Oh, and say hello or ask a question in the comment below. What do you think of my office?

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29 Responses to Ada’s home office tour | office sweet office

  1. Tricia - Avolli says:

    I love, love, love your office. Especially that great clock on the door. Fabulous idea.


    • Ada says:

      Thanks Tricia .. glad u love it! I love walking into my office. The clock is one of my favorite decor … apart from the ‘rock’ and my smile decal .. and ok ok … I have a lot of favorite items in my office. It is very important to surround ourselves with items that make us happy (and people of course!) :) Have a beautiful day!

  2. Andrea says:

    What an amazing space!! My office definitely needs a face lift after seeing this!

  3. Ada says:

    So glad you love my office … I LOVE being embraced by the happy colors :) The clock was fun and simple to apply, the wall paper … that’s another story (I think my hubby may had cursed a few times … he prefers not hiring a contractors and becomes the DIYer in our home). At the end we both enjoy looking back and seeing the wonderful transformation … filled with pride that we did it ourselves.

  4. Beth Earle says:

    Your office space is quite beautiful, and a reflection of your pleasant personality. It gave me a few ideas…

    I have a wonderful office space in my home, but have way too much clutter. I’m trying to organize it better, get rid of what isn’t needed any longer, and make it a cheery, inspiring space just as you have. It’s taking much longer than I had planned though due to time constraints. I’d love it if you could do a blog post showing several different styles of office spaces and tips/tools to create the home office of our dreams. :)

    P.S. Where do we re-sign up to continue getting your blog posts now you’ve moved it?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Beth!!! … so nice to hear from you here. You can sign up to receive the blog posts via email by subscribing again .. follow the birdie on the top right side of my blog/website. If you have video camera on your computer (or can borrow one) I can take a peek at your room to provide you tips on how to decorate it .. it’s my new service . more info at Have a SPECTACULAR day!!

  5. I LOVE your office!
    It makes me ‘feel happy’ just looking at it :-)
    Definitely have to go out there to see it in person!!!

  6. Kathie says:

    I LOVE the clock on the back of the door. I will suggest this to others. What fun!!! You do have a room full of color and excitement and your passion shows through. Nothing like walking your talking. Keep up the good work!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Kathie! … yes, I definitely walk my talk .. always encouraging people to surround themselves with love (items & people that make them feel happy). Glad u love the clock decal on the outside of the door, inside the closet door could be another decal or message board.

  7. Hi Ada!

    I LOOOVEEE your colour scheme for your office. I’m a huge fan of bright colours too :) I was wondering if you could indulge me in where you purchased the wall paper? It’s so unique!

    Keep up the flawless work… you inspire tons I’m sure!

    Thanks :)

    • Ada says:

      Glad to read that u love the color scheme … makes me feel happy to know that it makes other people feel happy when they see it as well :) The wall paper is from ‘The Wallpaper Company’, and it’s already pre-pasted. If you plan to buy I recommend u get a sampel to see the pattern + color 1st hand - there samples are about $0.99.

  8. Jocelyn says:

    It feels like forever that I have been trying to hunt down the “perfect wallpaper” for my bedroom, and I absolutely love the one in your office. Where should I be looking to find designs with that same fun energy?

  9. vanessa j. says:

    Ada you are an inspiration. The colors say a lot about you. Love this site too. And yes, I can tell you love being surrounded by color! It’s wonderful when you love what you do isn’t it? Makes all the difference.

    • Ada says:

      Thank you Vanessa .. what a sweet note/comment. Glad u love our site :) It is very ‘electric’ when we LOVE what we do .. the power of love!

  10. Dee says:

    Ada , you really need to learn to embrace color a little more…. lol! Too lovely, simple and cheery. The clock is fabulous! Stencil or hand drawn? Very clever…

    • Ada says:

      Hi Dee .. the clock is neither stencil or hand drawn - I went the easy way -> wall decal :) Glad u like the colors in my office, what’s funny is that my wardrobe is NOT colorful at all (where my office is). I add color to my wardrobe with color in jewerly + shoes : ) But def wouldn’t wear a bright pink shirt … thankgoodness huh :) Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  11. Sherri says:

    Ada…Your office is amazing!

    I especially love your work station. So efficient and functional! I’m curious though to learn more about your workflow. Looks like you have several hanging wall pockets. How do projects move through your office and HOW did you make those adorable wall paint color swatches???

    • Ada says:

      Hi Sherri …. thanks for stopping by :) So sorry for the late reply. The wall paint swatches are from Benjamin Moore - offered to designers/businesses. As for the work flow: my TO DO folder takes precedence in front of all the other folders … it’s my ‘GO TO’ in the morning (to get pumped up for the day) .. and my “GO TO” in the evening (when I hide/ stuff it with papers surrounding my desk) <— this avoids me seeing a cluttered desk when I enter the ofc the next day.

  12. Ada your office is so beautiful! I just love that Ikea “grandfather” (or should I call it grandmother?) clock. Are you always so totally neat and organized?! I’m jealous!

    • Ada says:

      haha, it’s not “THAT” neat always. Office does get messy with DIY projects but ‘usually’ by the end of the day I scoop things up or place them to one side so the office doesn’t turn into an obstacle course. Plus, a de-cluttered ofc gives me a peace of mind the next morning. Noooow, my closet is a DIFFERENT story. Door practically has a warning sign of BEWARE, wink!

  13. Chris says:

    Your wall decoration is beautiful. I have a online wall decal shop need review post. You can visit if you are interested.

  14. Antonio says:

    what a great place I love your office : )

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