Our Helicopter Ride to Volcano + Waterfall

Our helicopter ride in Hilo, Hawaii was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! The copter (<- yeah, I slang like that) had NO DOORS! A bit Magnum PI-esk. We had a quick “not what to do” lessons before we walked to the copter. It included how to inflate our life vest photo. I was super excited to get up in the air that it wasn’t until we were up up UUUP high that it dawned on me ….. why were we given ‘life vests only’ and NOT ‘parachutes?’ Ok, okay calm down, don’t think about it … just enjoy the moment. And, I did. 

I was in the middle seat (I was the tiniest of the passengers, seats are given based on weight). Pilot was to my left, hubby was on my right side (you will be wel acquainted with his hands holding on to dear life on the little straps.

It was a TIGHT fit, hence the VERY close up pic:

Flying to the volcano first ….
Do you see the magna lava?
Now flying to the waterfalls. Seen far away here (below to the left of the clipped paper) …
Now closer  ….
And closest ….
Flying back to the base ….
What a view, huh!
Thank goodness for camera straps:
I’ll eventually post the video of the venture (uum, maybe by 2014??)! Too crazy busy today to remember how to edit/upload/embed vid today. Oh, here’s a peek at one of the photos from yesterday’s Color Story (more pics here):
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