House we rented in Hawaii {Big Island}

Ready for the tour of our (I wish) house in The Big Island, Hawaii? I’ve said it before, here (Rome, Italy) and here (Barcelona Spain), and I will say it again - I LOVE vacation home rentals … they always make me feel so “at home”. Since resorts/hotels usually have pools, a ‘pool’ (aka: let’s escape from the heat) area was def on our checklist when looking for a house, and we found it ….

Dontcha love the dark color entry door below?

I love the handsome man unlocking the door. In Hawaii, we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. 4 years of fun exciting travels together (along with the everyday funny craziness that fills our life). This house in the following photos are filled with a mix of beautiful unique eclectic furniture items, oh-so-cool accessories, and me popping my head into the photo to me immortalized in them (vaca’s go to quickly, it’s my glimpse of memory). Ready for wowness? Like .. this hair … I mean chair (typo was too funny to delete).

The chair reminds me of the furniture in the Amalfi castle that we stayed in 2011 (see video here). I hadn’t seen the video in a while …. I love how my curly hair looks back then. Hmm, maybe I should rock bangs again .. or not). See my smile below (ear to ear) .. it was genuinely plastered on my face as we did the walk through for the first time of the house. Yes, we get to see photos of the place, but nothing compares to seeing it IN PERSON.

For this view, I took the picture of the mirror so you could see what was behind me …. bookcase with so many books, artifacts, games; a few different lounge areas; work desk (HA! like that was going to happen on our vaca! “work’ banned):

We ended contributing to the bookcase .. added a book hubby had finished reading on the plane.

Isn’t it pretty? No, not my feet? But the “curved” arm of the chair, the upholstery, and the rug … comfy!

The house has 3 bedrooms (no, we didn’t need that much room, but with the great price and did I mention - the pool - we just couldn’t resist). 2 lounge (living room) areas, lanai (patio),  2 bathrooms (with ceiling windows (awesome!), unique furniture, toiletries, and then the “are you sure we are not staying at a relatives house? … they had beach towels, several sunblocks/tanning lotions, 3 bicycles, boogie boards, life-vests, snorkel gear…. and we were welcomes with a basket of pineapple, bananas, and papaya (which we devoured the next day!). The kitchen was hooked up with spices, plates, pots/pans, microwave, dishwasher, and it was awesome going shopping for groceries (yep, like a regular Hawaiian) to fill up “our” fridge.

We save a lot of money cooking (as we relax) at ‘home’ from a loooong day of snorkeling ventures and site seeing.

Aren’t the GINORMOUS windows amazing looking? The window/sliding doors behind the dining table leads to the pool .

My FAVORITE fruit, called pitaya, discovered at a farmers market in Hilo.

Ready to see the main bedroom? .. with floor to ceiling windows + doors:

Has your jaw dropped yet? .. seeing the detail of the bedframe.

 A beautiful dark wood bed frame color against the crisp white linens - heavenly!

When we arrived (late evening) it was raining … but that didn’t damper our vaca enthusiasm. We did find it hysterical that we kept hearing “it hardly ever rains in the Big Island” and yet we were baptized with it (aaaaall good).

Since there were 2 bathroom, we each got to have our own (makes getting ready in the morn much faaaaster) … I chose this one:

Oh, did I mention that they also have a washer + dryer (yep, just like in aunties house):

Hubby had a blast cannon-balling into the pool, while I chillaxed on the lounge chair working on my tan.

So nice to brunch by the pool.

Oh, and we had company …. geico, oh wait that is the car insurance …. ‘geckos’ constantly visited us … they are sooo cute!

“You looking at me? Get my good side for your blog”.

I was smitten by the view through the huge wide windows …. of all the lush trees (and of hubby of course).

Hubby cooked (he’s the chef in our marriage) and I set the table (while taking tons of photos but of course!).

A typical breakfast before we ventured out the door. 

Oh, here’s a peek at one of the other rooms .. this one faced the front of the house; when it rained it was sooooo relaxing listening to the rain drops and birds singing.  Did you spot the bird finial on the curtain rod? 

The entrance to the house …. thanks for joining us in the tour. The adjacent garage housed our rental car .. we got a convertible car to make loading the boogie boards + more easier to do. The garage also held the bicycles, large beach coolers, and other stuff that I forgot about already.

Did you enjoy the tour? We rented the house via VRBO. House you stayed at a rental during your vaca get-a-ways? Who did you use? Do gecko’s freak you out … or do you find them ADORABLE as I do. Coming up this week … my attempt at following a recipe (for potato bacon salad … with no smoke alarm yelling at me), and another behind-the-scenes peek at one of my interior designs.

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6 Responses to House we rented in Hawaii {Big Island}

  1. Michel John says:

    Beautiful House, and you manged it in a great way, i hope you are enjoying in your house.

  2. homestilo says:

    The smile on your face says it all.
    The deck and pool look amazing. But, my fave has got to be the huge sky light in the bath.
    Beautiful home.

    • Ada says:

      I knoooooow, my fave too … I love OUTDOOR showers (this is the closest I have gotten to one) … getting closer, right!

  3. antonio says:

    The house looks awesome. I want to go : )

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