OUR ADORABLE hatched chicks DEVILED EGGS RECIPE (in time for Easter!)

Just 7 simple ingredients for this recipe. And did I mention, these are ADORABLE and DELICIOUS. You probably have ALL the ingredients in your kitchen right now to make these hatched chicks DEVILED EGGS RECIPE. I recruited hubby to help make the delicious treats (since he’s the chef in our family) and I became the photographer, stylist, chef assistant, and editor). Here’s are the ingredients + steps + more photos . . . . . . .


  • boiled eggs (1 dozen)
  • mayo (1 cup)
  • dijon mustard (1 teaspoon)
  • salt (1 teaspoon or less)
  • cayenne peppers (a pinch to taste)
  • black peppers (grind, pinch to taste)
  • black (raw) peppers (2 peppers for the eyes)
  • carrots (2 thin slices per beak

We mixed all the above ingredients at once in a bowl until smooth. I cut the carrots in thin slices to make the chick’s beak, and used black peppers for the eyes.

The top of each boiled egg was cut (to make the TOP design of the hatched egg), and we hubby scooped the yolk out and placed it on a bowl (for his mixing expertise .. Sir Mixalot). Below are all the detailed instructions (8 steps) on how to create adorable hatched chicks deviled eggs, I also added step by step photos so you can see the fun + easy process.

(hatched chicks deviled eggs)

  1. boil eggs (or buy them already boiled like we do), let it cool down
  2. cut top of the boiled eggs white - about 1/2″ top.
  3. scoop the yolk from the cut eggs and place in mixing dish
  4. mix all the ingredients
  5. swirl mixed ingredients into the bottom portion of the egg white
  6. place top of the egg white on the mixed yellow ingredients
  7. cut carrots into slices = to make beaks and
  8. use two black peppers = to make the eyes

The process takes about 15 MINUTES, not counting boiling the eggs since we cheat and buy eggs that are already boiled.

TIP - (optional) After mixing all the ingredients he placed them into a ziplock bag . . . .

then he cut the tip so the mix would easily swirl back into the egg white “bowls (genius, right??!!!) …. life made easy ….

Swirl away ….

I was in charge of cutting the carrots into thin slices to make the beaks ….

Then finished “hatching” the chicks …

And how did they turn out? Okay, a little demented looking (haha), but still adorable in my eyes.

How did they taste …… freak’n AMAZING! We gobbled them all up very quickly! A big GRACIAS to hubby for helping create this.

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