Happy Weekend…Themed Nutcrackers

I loooove having poinsettias in my home & office during the holidays .. I find them elegant and festive. I added an orange base to one that I recently purchased for about $7 at Home Depot for an added ‘pop’ of color, here’s a peek: I sometimes find the nutcracker soldiers a bit … um, scary! I think it could be because of how the painted teethes look, or maybe because they aren’t designed to smile :-(  However I spotted several at Home Goods (large photo + right side) and Christmas Tree Shop (bottom photos) that are quite uniquely un-intimidating ‘to me’! Could be because of their cool attire …. a Phantom of the Opera one, one with a sheep, a sailor one, a skiing one, and more ….. I took these pics for you (hope they aren’t scary to you as well):

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4 Responses to Happy Weekend…Themed Nutcrackers

  1. Those nutcrackers remind me of the Sony store I went into last night at the mall - a young boy was glued to the big screen tv watching Toy Story (2, 3 or 4 - who knows), but the characters are just so funny in that movie. I can totally see these themed nutcrackers making an appearance in Toy Story 24. :)

  2. Ada says:

    They are definitely ‘characters’ :) Toy Story ’24′??? Haha…how funny!!!… and I wouldn’t be surprised!

  3. Fleur Keast says:

    I would like to know if anyone out there has ever come across a Swagman Nutcracker. My friends in Canada collect nutcrackers and I would like to send them an Aussie Swagman. Can anyone help me please?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Fleur, I haven’t seen one …. if you can find one that I recommend that you MAKE your own - even more special gift when you made it. There are crafts store that can carry iconic items that you can incorporate/glue to a standard wooden nutcraker. If you make it, do send me photos - I am sure it will look WONDERFUL!!!!

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