Happy weekend … {vitamin love}

I know I should take vitamins, but I rather hide under the covers than do so. My hubby has found creative ways to entice me to take medicine .. including getting gummybear like vitamins (they are pretty yummy .. a bit too yummy since I get tempted to take more than the recommended dose of 2 yummies). He also places the vitamin jar next to our coffee pot (knowing I neeeed my am coffee fix) … and then just recently he grabbed one of my valentines candy hearts and placed one on top of the vitamin jar (see below) .. how can I NOT take the vitamins after such a cute and loving gesture:

He also knows that there could be 5 vitamin jars on the counter and it wouldn’t catch my attention … but place 1 little candy near it and it totally catches my tummy’s attention .. plus my heart’s attention reminding me how wonderful he is! Have a beautiful weekend full of love!

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4 Responses to Happy weekend … {vitamin love}

  1. Toni says:

    That’s so cute! And how lovely that you have someone who cares about you so much 🙂
    Happy valentines! x

  2. Hi Ada,
    How fun and how sweet that he cares for you that much to tempt you into vitamins. Have you heard of JuicePlus? They offer these great gummies that taste like candy, but are fruits and veggies. Just another way to trick you!

    • Ada says:

      Juice Plus .. never heard of it – thanks for sharing. I do love veggies just not a fun of the prep work (chopping it, mixing, etc.) .. hence my fridge has a lot of already made salads 🙂 Can u tell that hubby is the chef in our relationship?! Have a beautiful day Andrea!!!

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