Don’t faint! These all cost less than $5.00 each! I know AWESOME SAUCE. Who says Halloween is just for kids? Not me! Who says Halloween is all about making the home super scary and ugly instead of beautifying it? Not me! This Halloween and future fun ones, slip on these Halloween pillow costumes (ahem, Halloween pillow covers) over your current pillows. Oh, did you happen to spot the candy corn pillow in the photo above? It’s a pillow not a costume, but it’s so cute that I just had to share it with you. Ok, here’s the scoop on where you can buy the Halloween pillow costumes:


1. Boo pillow

2. Black w pumpkin pillow

3. Maple leaf pillow


Yep, the Boo Halloween Dotted pillow cost $4 buckaroos! Isn’t that price insane! I guessed that for that economical price the pillow cover fabric would be stiff’ however, the description of the pillow cover says it’s smooth. Hmmm, sounds great to me, esp when it cost less than my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato coffee,

What I love about the Maple leaf one is that you can leave it on pass Halloween. It goes great with the autumn season and Thanksgiving decor.

Here are 3 more Halloween pillows, but they aren’t costumes (pillow covers); however, they are still totally adorable. I just noticed that the candy corn Halloween pillow just went up in price EEK! Must be a hot item. The original prices is listed as $80 (yikes!), so I guess it’s still a sale. Here’s where you can find these pillows:


1. Carved pumpkin w hat pillow

2. Blue with pumpkin pillow

3. Candy corn pillow

Oh, some Halloween pillows and costumes ship from overseas, so if you love the style and the crazy economical price then I suggest that you place the order today so you can get it in time for Halloween. Which one is your favorite? I loooove the candy corn. Not sure if I want to spend that much on it. Then again, I would display it every single Halloween.

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