Wednesday’s Wink … { meet Franken-HAND }

I usually post DIYs on our Monday’s Make-it column, but hey it’s Halloween today and I just HAD to share this quick DIY in case YOU want a helpful hand to give out candy! Thanks to the creative brilliance of Jonathan Fong (thanks again for the instructions!!!) I was able to bring to life this Franken-hand helper within …… less than 10 minutes!

It took me LONGER to find a glove (hubby’s glove volunteered to be experimented on!). Surgeon tools:

1) tissue gift paper (or paper towels as Jonathon Fong used)
2) aluminum foil (that’s the secret “ingredient”)
3) gloves (thank hubby!)
4) note (to put Franken-hand to work, I used Microsoft Word for text)

So form aluminum into finger forms and shove into glove ….

Feed (fatten up Frankie) with tissue …
Then simply move the fingers to hold the sign / note …


I interrupt this post to confess …… there are NO MORE tootsie rolls to give to kids today! Franken-hand (or eeer, “i” ) ate them … all 50 of them!

Ok, now back to the regular post: I also added witches boots/socks to our side table. I chose a low table so the little kiddies can reach the candy …. err, if there are ANY left when they get here.

Oh, here’s my costume for today (see below) - no, not the earrings . . . . but the looooong eye lashes. They would had been longer, if the other set wasn’t sacrificed to Miss Cyclopes Vampire pumpkin. Look at Franken-hand being so helpful (I may have to pay him to hand out candy!). Maybe next Halloween I will find another glove … a more ‘creepier’ one and mold it like claws!!! Muahahahaha. Happy Halloween!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { meet Franken-HAND }

  1. homestilo says:

    Those lashes are fabulous and this diy is awesome.
    Did you have many trick or treaters in light of the hurricane? I really feel like Halloween has been stifled for the second year in a row in these parts.

    • Ada says:

      The damaged trees were clipped + set aside from paths. It was already 6pm-ish and no trick or treaters had knocked so I thought they we wouldn’t have any .. then the adorable little monsters + princesses came after 7 (some practically ran me over … too cute!). I almost ran out of candy - for the 2nd time, since I was already low the day before from someone (me!!) eating the treats. THANK goodness Rite-Aid was open in the morn so I could buy more candy for me .. er, kids :) . Kids around here r tough cookies (my kind of crowd … no one stops us from getting CANDY), my hood hasn’t had any heat for several days now and that didn’t stop them :) The parents looked sooo cold! Next year u will have soooo many kids stopping by on Halloween to make up for these past 2 years.

      • homestilo says:

        Glad to hear there was no holding back those trick or treaters. I hope you have heating back now. The no heat finally drove us out last night.

      • Ada says:

        Yikes, sorry to hear that the no heat drove u out of your home (hope it comes back soon!!!). wishing you safety and warmth.

  2. Annie Miller says:

    This is actually such a great project for Halloween. It is easy to make and I’m sure the trick or treaters will love this genius trick.

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