Creating GOLDEN EGGS for Easter

This year I knew I wanted to create golden eggs for Easter, but I took it up a notch by making them hallow (see the blowing egg technique here) and inserting a lovely message inside each egg. Instead of buying latex paint at my local craft store, I used a gold color Liquid Leaf to give it the AMAZING golden color (bling bling!). I painted some eggs completed in “gold” and some with polka dot / abstract/ and swivel lines, then dipped them in color dye. When the eggs are cracked open (to retrieve the message), you get to see a cool color inside the egg. I totally LOVED creating these. I hope you do too . . . .

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One Response to Creating GOLDEN EGGS for Easter

  1. homestilo says:

    Aha! So you paint the gold details and THEN you dye them?! This looks like so much fun. I have been following all of your eggsperiments on Instagram and it looks like you are having a blast!

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