how I glam my nails, economically!

Tsst, who said glitter is just for crafts? Now meeeee. Ya’ll know I love multi-functional furniture (like an ottoman that serves as a seat and storage), so it should be no surprise that I woudn’t buy glittered nail polish when I can save moola by diving into my craft box and playing with glitter. Today’s post shows how you can use glitter for more than it’s intended crafty purpose …. use it to glam your nails! You can have a whole line of glitter nail polish by getting your hands on glitter ($3.95 a jar, Whaaa? Yep, economical). I hope u like today’s editorial shoot, – I am sprinkling glitter into my coffee cup. Get it? Glitter is sweeeeet, wink, wink!


1. apply your favorite nail polish
2. sprinkle glitter on your wet nails
3. after it dries, seal the glitter with clear nail polish
(I luv Sally Hansen’s NO CHIP top coat bec it gives my nails super powers. No chipping yaaaay!).

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4 Responses to how I glam my nails, economically!

  1. Antonio says:

    What a great idea with nail polish and glitter. Love the outdoor seating : )

  2. homestilo says:

    Gorgeous images Ada (and what fun nails?!)

    • Ada says:

      Thanks, all with the help of photographer Irene Espinosa. – she takes most of the pics of me. Hubby took the closeup pic of me holding the cup, and I took the rest (not to shabby huh, wink!).

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