Giveaway: Golden egg message in a box

It’s that time again!!!  Freebie time. One lucky winner get’s a golden egg this Easter. Winner get’s to choose if they want the egg mailed to them or a loved one as a gift, and they get to choose their very own personal message -or- one of the below messages inside the egg:

a) I luv your smile!
b) Every moment is precious
c) Breakfast will be served in bed
d) You are my sunshine.

Enter for your chance to win giveaway below (good luck!!!) . . .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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3 Responses to Giveaway: Golden egg message in a box

  1. homestilo says:

    What a cute + sweet giveaway Ada!

  2. Antonio says:

    What a GREAT idea. Reminds me of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the golden ticket. : )

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