4 ways to gift wrap using the SAME paper | Gift wrapping series

You can use the same wrapping paper designs and still make each package sparkle differently. How? with embellishments, adding special details.

The concept is similar to someone else (like 1,000+++ people) having the same Banana Republic shirt that you totally love, but you style it differently by the unique accessories that you add onto it. Today I hope to inspire you to re-look at the wrapped presents under your tree and see if you can add a bit more bling bling to them, that extra spoonful of loving care. And the best part …. it’s economical to do! Seriously, simple! Like, gluing candy (if you can resist not eating them) or using post-it-notes to create polka-dots. Below are my top 4 ‘embellishments” for this Christmas season of giving.

(1) Using decorative (washi) tape and candy  . . . 


(2) Using doilies which remind me of snow flakes (psst, you can cut out shapes to make it look even more snowflake-like). Cost for a qty of 8 snowflakes (um, doilies) $1.29 . . .



(3) Using yarn, twine, ribbons . . . 


(4) Using post-it notes (to make polka-dots), and yellow (unexpected non-traditional) color ribbon ‘belted’ through the wrapping paper …

In another post I will show you how I created the belt (using simple slot cut-outs). Explore your home and see what items you can glue/tape/wrap/stick/gum onto wrapped gifts. I find adding these extra lil steps very relaxing and fun. Turn on some holiday music and great magic.


Holiday creative gift wrapping series continues, stay tuned. Tomorrow I will reveal the POLAR BEAR wrapping paper that I created. It turned out soooooo adorable. Like I may not give the gift away bec the wrapping paper will be ruined type of adorbs. 

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2 Responses to 4 ways to gift wrap using the SAME paper | Gift wrapping series

  1. Antonio says:

    I love the idea of using dollies. All the gifts look awesome. Can’t wait for the Polar Bear design.

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