Friday’s Finds … Writable placecard with vase!

In today’s collage we have some essentials for Thanksgiving dinner … chair, placemat, serving tray; of course other essentials are food and most of all … seriously taking the time to look around and truly see all that you do have. Sometimes people get too stuck focusing on what they do not have yet, that the forget to appreciate what they do have. Back to the decorative items ….. I love the Leaf Place Card in today’s post because not only does it comes with a built in vase, but also with a marker that you can write your guests name or a message on each leaf … such as thank you, love, glad you made it to dinner, etc. .. I hope you love today’s finds!

  • 6. Serving Tray - $70
  • 8. Leaf Placemats -$48

Find the above item#6 and #8 here!

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