Friday’s Finds . . . Teacups delight

Wow … January is almost over! How’s the new year treating you … or better question is … how are you treating yourself? I hope … wonderful! I hope you are taking time for ‘yourself’ … taking time to sit back relax and enjoy everything that you ‘do’ have. Sending you love from my heart to yours. Hope you enjoy today’s selection which I draft as I sit and drink my coffee from my teacup (hey, just because it is a teacup doesn’t mean we have to ONLY drink tea from them … I even ’eat’ ice cream from my teacups … yes that is my ‘wild’ side!!!).  

 1. Lotus Tea Light - $10.95
2. Daisy Jumbo Mug & Saucer - $17
3. Cooper Arm Chair - $399  
4. Crazy Daisy Teapot - $25
5. Crazy Daisy Cake Plate - $25
6. A Hood Cup of Tea -$24
7. Crystal Studded Ring- $99
8. Eve519 Clutch -$112 
9. Albert 1950 Festival Tea Cup & Saucer -$30
10. Tropical Flowers Pillow - $34.99
11. Flower Pearl Necklace -$81
12. Mod Retro Vintage Tea Cup -$20
13. Floral Button Pillow - $30 

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3 Responses to Friday’s Finds . . . Teacups delight

  1. I neeeeeeeed that clutch!

    Enjoy your coffee :-)

    • Ada says:

      The clutch purse is a beauty! I am trying to cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day …. ‘trying’ :) Have a beautiful day!

  2. Priscilla Benavides says:

    I love the Flower Pearl Necklace, it’s just my style!

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