Friday’s Finds . . . Love notes + more

Hi everyone! I went to see The Addams Family broadway musical last night (starring Nathan Lane) … it was FUN (the story line is that their daughter Wednesday has fallen in love .. that is all I will say in case you want to see the show urself). Ooook one more thing .. in the beginning they announcer asked the audience to put away their cell phones, cannon balls, bows & arrows, and other torture devises -  but of course .. it is The Addams Family after all! Nathan Lane was as hysterically funny as he was in the movies the Birdcage (with Robbin Williams) and The Mouse Trap.  On another note, Valentine’s day is just 3 days away! It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming, but I simply procrastinated in getting a gift for my hubby (shame on me!). I did finally buy it  - a customized gift which ended up shipping via regular postal mail (with no tracking#) .. which means (a little panic!!!)that I have been stalking the mailman every day in hopes of the gift arrival (fingers crossed!!!) As for today’s finds, I hope you like the balance of color .. using reds without the look being overwhelming. I especially like the magnetic wax seal .. great for leaving love notes on the fridge (no, a grocery list is not a love note; an ‘I am glad you are part of my life’ message is). Have a beautiful weekend. Oh, I think I hear the mailman, time to stalk ……
  1. Blue Wool Pillow - $59
  2. Red Numbers - $14 each
  3. Battery Box - $11
  4. Printed Pillow - $60
  5. Wax Seal Magnet - $10
  6. Heart Cookies - $22
  7. Figure Bookend - $42
  8. Metal Mirror – $111
  9. Twin Sleeper Chair - $2,199

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