Friday’s Finds . . . Love and Chocolate

I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake (I managed to remove soda from my ummm …’diet’), but saying goodbye to my coffee has been a different story .. especially difficult when I pass by a Starbucks coffee shop - which there seems to be one in every other block in Manhattan .. and one walking distance from my office .. ooooh the temptation!!! caramel macchiato with whip cream yuuuummm. What was my point? Oh yes … health! My health is a priority and I def want to eat / drink healthier this year so I have narrowed down having coffee just 1 a day (yes, 1 per day .. this gal isn’t ready to go cold turkey yet!). Hmmm, maybe I can replace all my coffee breaks with chocolate breaks! YUM! Ok, that’s my caffeine withdrawal talking! I am a big believer that we can enjoy everything we want … as long as it is in moderation = a beautiful harmonious balance. I hope you enjoy today’s beautiful balance of pinks, yellows, and chocolate colors. May your February be filled with love and chocolate! I am off to get my 3rd cup of coffee … juuust kidding!

1. Leaf Print Wallpaper - $99
2. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar - $yum
3. Marimekko Yellow Sheet Set - $75
4. Love Stamp - $0.99
5. Yellow Pillow - $48
6. Tufted Round Ottoman - $100
7. Rosebud Heart Wreath - $99
8. Terracotta Pink Vase - $50
9. Yellow Emily Desk - $179
10. Chain Link Necklace - $60
11. Pink Cloth Drawer - $7

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2 Responses to Friday’s Finds . . . Love and Chocolate

  1. Vicky says:

    Your blog posts seriously make me laugh…i love your designs/collages - but just hearing how you live your everyday, always brings a smile to my face :)

    thank you!

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