Friday’s Finds…Halloween Collection

Halloween is next weekend (eek!!) … do you have your spiders … webs … pumpkins … and witches broom ready? I do! However, I am torn between going to the Halloween Village parade (which is always sooo much fun!) or since this is the 1st year in my new home maybe I will stay home to greet the children in my community with candy and check out all their creative costumes. Speaking of costumes, do you like the Batman and Catwoman costume above? I crack up imaging my hubby wearing the batman costume … who would NEVER … still funny visualizing him in it hahahaha. Well, I hope you like this week’s finds. Say hi when you have a chance in the comment section below. ~ Hugs!

  1. “Spooky” pillow - $15
  2. Black Striped boxes - $13
  3. Jack-O-Lantern - $6.40
  4. Skeleton Hands - $19
  5. Orange Sofa - $599
  6. Spider Cupcake holder - $1.95
  7. Black lamp -$70
  8. Starburst Wall Mirror - $75
  9. Orange Cupcake stencil set - $4.95
  10. Flying Bats Clipart $0.00
  11. Owls - $44
  12. “Keep Out” sign - $15
  13. Batman & Batwoman Costume - $65


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