Friday’s Finds . . . Electric fireplace + more

I hope you enjoy today’s Friday’s Finds … I find the collage to feel warm and cozy, and I hope you do too with the color tones and electric fireplace find (what a great mantle huh?!!). At home I have a wood burning fireplace, I find it funny how many quests ask me if it’s ‘real’ … perhaps fireplaces are becoming a bit extinct (oh say it aint so!!!). When hubby and I were looking to buy a new home I knew that at least 1 room would have a fireplace … but I actually thought I would be adding an electric one … to our pleasant surprise we found the perfect home with a ‘real’ fireplace. When we looked at our current home for the 1st time someone had already placed a bid on it; hubby thought it was a waste of time looking at it ….. but our agent took us to see it per my request …. see what happens when he listens to his wife!). I find wood burning, electric, and gel fuel fireplaces to all be very relaxing and beautiful.  Have a warm & cozy day! Below are the store links where you can find today’s collaged items:

1. Wheat Pillow - $88
2.  Wave Two Red sofabed   - $649
3. Pilgrim Log Carrier - $185
4. Flower Hair Accessories - $2.50
5. Trovata Stacking Side Table - $79
6. Black hat- $98
7. Suede Moccasins - $40
8. Uniflame Dog Boot Scraper - $29
9. Silk Brocade Pillow - $50
10. Uniflame Electric Fireplace - $710

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2 Responses to Friday’s Finds . . . Electric fireplace + more

  1. Lucy says:

    love the sofa bed! i want one of those in my home office to make it work as a guest bed as well

  2. Ada says:

    Sofa has a great color too (so different). Glad u LOVE it too!

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