Friday’s Finds … {decorative wood design| keys, wardrobe + more}

Hello! This post is actually pre-written (pssst … as I write this post it is Monday). Why? Bec when it gets published I will be in San Francisco (celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary with hubby - wooohooooo). In a few months from now we are going to Europe for our BIG vaca, but with both our busy schedule we know it is important to put ourselves (as a couple) as a priority and take a mini getaway to celebrate us, so onto a plane we go from New York to California. As for today’s Friday’s Find … do you like the collection? I have to admit that I do LOVE sourcing these items for our Friday’s Finds column … there are so many beautiful, unique, and inspiring items out there (out there …meaning not in our homes … umm, YET … haha!) {note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

  1. Prescott tray - $60
  2. Walter wooden keys - $79
  3. Calvin Klein flor satin robe - $79
  4. Wood bottle bookends - $100
  5. Ethnic bangles  - $40
  6. Summer grass pillow - $60
  7. Stria night stand - $299
  8. Fauna terrier pillow - $24
  9. No-tip blocks - $135
  10. Walnut wardrobe - $699

I am a person that appreciates lots of different designs and decorative items. That doesn’t mean I want every item in my home, it simply means that I do value the creativity and work placed into a unique design. It is so special imaging a design and bringing it to life. Perhaps that’s the ‘rush’ I get when I create designs for my clients … seeing my design in paper then bringing it to life for my clients’ comfort. Have a beautiful day!! I’ll take tons of photos in San Fran to share with you!

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4 Responses to Friday’s Finds … {decorative wood design| keys, wardrobe + more}

  1. Julie J says:

    Great finds….Love the bookends and bangles!

    • Ada says:

      Glad u love them! The bookends are unique and INSPIRING bec it reminds us that we can use a LOT of regular stuff as decorative bookends (of course they do need to ne sturdy enough to hold up the books) .. sturdy and prettyyyyyy! Glad to see that u stopped by Julie!

  2. morgana says:

    i love those keys!

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