Friday’s Finds . . . Spa days

Today’s collection, I admit, is one of my favorites thus far. I think it’s because it feels serene to me … when sourcing the collage I envisioned a spa .. and hey I believe we all deserve a spa day every day… and it doesn’t have to be at an expensive spa location … it could be right at our home when we surround ourselves with items that make us feel happy, relaxed, at peace. Though I do enjoy my relaxing seaweed body wrap treatments at actual spas …..I think it would be very messy if I attempt to apply a seaweed wrap to myself hahahaha. But I definitely can replace it with a loooong relaxing bubble bath. Hope your 1st week of 2011 has been relaxing. Treat yourself GREAT! ~ ((((HUGS)))

1. Polished Aluminum Stag Head - $150 
2. Throw Pillow (pink/Green) - $26
3. Porcelain Salad bowl - $38 
4. Clear Glass Storage Jar - $15
5. Blue Ceramic Vase - $22
6. Pekoe Tea & Rose Petal Soy Candle - $22
7. Agean Bath Linens (Blue) -$4.99
8.  Lady Godive Classic Robe - $98
9. Carved Wood Bird Plaque -$46

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3 Responses to Friday’s Finds . . . Spa days

  1. Ada says:

    Hi Manik … how wonderful … I am so glad to hear that you chose interior design as a career! How wonderful when we can help people live great within their home! Congrats!

  2. I love this collage too. I’ve always been lured by the spa feeling, especially the yummy smells. I need to see what I can do to add more spa-like features to my home. A water fountain perhaps…. :)

  3. Victoria says:

    I just love the colors…that turquoise pillow is beautiful!

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