Friday’s Finds … { colorful wall clocks }

What other way can you add color to your walls besides using paint? Answer: wall ‘accessories’ … such as wall clocks. I found a few that I think are colorfully cool in color , what do you think? (the apple one reminds me of school … even though it is pink and not red):
Yesterday I had another Onsite Ideas Consultation (this one in Flushing, New York) … we reviewed artwork and tons of ideas for my client’s foyer, great room (which will consist of living room space, bar lounge space, and dining area). The drive back to the office was smoooooth. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of laughter. And stay tune .. this Saturday I show more photos of my San Francisco trip, and Sunday I reveal another video (this one is how to bring nature into your home without adding plants). ~ Hugs!

1. Fuscia Square Clock -$5
2. Apple Clock -$98
3.  Koziol Red Kitchen Clock – special guest from the U.K.
4. Funky Retro Sunburst Clock –$95
5. Quittin’time clock - $80
6. Sheer Gathered Blouse -$98
7. Tea Rose Bow Clutch -$12
8. Asos Boyfriend Style Watch - $52
9. Color of the Moment- Orange Shoes - $65

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2 Responses to Friday’s Finds … { colorful wall clocks }

  1. nick says:

    clocks are fun!

    • Ada says:

      There are boringzzz ones out there, but why be boring when we can incorporate FUN + COLORFULS ones into our homes!

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