Friday’s Finds … sofa, cat pillow and more {Classic + modern}

Happy Friday!!! This week I finally went to see the movie The King’s Speech and it was wooooonderful - a great message of not giving up and self expression. I LOVE the scene (gets me a bit choked up) when the speech therapist is sitting at the throne and tricks the king to admit why he has the authority to demand that he doesn’t sit in it … check out the movie clip here … it’s because he ‘has a voice’ (in the movie u’ll see what the king was saying before the therapist took the drastic measure of sitting on the throne before this dramatic beautiful scene). Clever speech therapist! We all have a voice and it is upto US to let it shine. When a new client hires me I usually hear that they want their home to have personality, I correct them with love …. stating that I want their home to reflect not any personality, but ‘their’ personality … their happiness … their voice. If you have seen the movie, I would love to hear what u though of it … any fav scenes? If you haven’t seen it yet, what do you think of the movie preview clip. I hope you love today’s finds - classic traditional elegance with modern flair. I love the bracelet color, it reminds me of gum balls … yum!

{note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

  1. Letterpress design - $199
  2. Napoleon and French Girl - $60 ea.
  3. Chandelier embroidered pillow - $158
  4. Kitty pillow - $22
  5. Two tone wood ball bracelet - $11
  6. Blanche vase - $12.95
  7. Avance Peridoto clutch - $35
  8. Swing-arm lamp - $59
  9. Martini side table - $129
  10. Chelsea beige sofa - $799

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2 Responses to Friday’s Finds … sofa, cat pillow and more {Classic + modern}

  1. It’s funny you mention the King’s Speech, Lisa has been suggested I see it saying the message it in aligns with the Speaking Your Truth book project. I definitely need to get into the theater and catch it!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Andrea .. I hope u see it … u won’t be dissappointed. Great message and quite FUNNY too. If u see it, let me know ur thoughts of it :)

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