Friday’s Finds … {casual blues + Club Monaco}

I find the color blue to be sooo soothing. Even the blue Sophia sweater on the model below (from Club Monaco’s Spring 2011 Lookbook) looks sooo comfy.  The neutral colors in today’s finds (pillow, ottoman) feel super cozy to me as well! Is it just me -or- is the face design on pillow# 4 that look like the model? The resemblance is uncanny, and both beautiful!

I hope you love today’s collage and how I am now incorporating fashion with home - bec we should all aim to live great within our home and our’self’ (physically and spiritually). Next week’s Friday’s Find will be a photo of me (yikes!!!) with the theme of ‘stripes’ as I show off one of my fav stripe shirts along with several stripe decorative items for the home.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! {note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

  1. House of Harlow Sasha sunglasses - $149
  2. Thelma stamp throw pillow - $39
  3. Rectangular stamp pillow - $39
  4. Room service mod face pillow - $50
  5. Wood constellation napkin ring - $28
  6. Cooper arm chair - $300
  7. Feedsack foot stool - $59

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