Friday’s Find . . . Pretty Pastels (goodbye warm weather)

Oh my …. it is getting soooo cold in New York!! Yes, I know it’s autumn and that winter is around the corner, but boo hoooo I miss the spring and summer season. So, this post today is a toast (a warm goodbye toasty toast!!) to the warm weather with pretty pastel colors that remind me of Spring. Goodbye warm weather and .. bring it on cold weather … oh wait … let me find my boxing tools 1st (winter gloves, hat, scarf, and coat brrrrr). Ok. I am ready! I think.  

1. Magnetic Flower Art - $22

3. Peace Ornament - $38

4. Bella Pillow (Blossom) - $54

5. Stiletto Doorstop - $12

6. Trio Frame - $68

7.  Dove Vase - $44

Find the above items here.

2. Flower Earrings - $28

8. Violet Clutch - $39

9. Sundress - $85

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One Response to Friday’s Find . . . Pretty Pastels (goodbye warm weather)

  1. Kathie says:

    Your Wednesday’s Wink and Friday Finds are an excellent resource for fun and useful ideas for the home. I especially like the bells. I hang them on doors to create good feng shui and now I am going to suggest them for the dining table. Great idea, Ada. Thanks for being so creative and innovative.

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