Friday’s Finds … Classic elegance

I get asked often what my design style preference is. It is … a transitional style … which is classic with a modern twist! My friends completely understand my style from the way I dress - I loooove wearing pearls with a comfy pair of jeans (um, yeah with a shirt ON as well - pervooo!). A like the balance of classic elegance (pearls) with cool comfort (jeans). Today’s collection is completely classic .. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed sourcing it for you! I am currently working on writing an interior decorating book that will feature my home so you will get to see my style 1st hand. Have a beautiful day!!!

1. Pillow - $59
3. Pearls - $94
4. Frames - $78
6. Chandelier - $360
You can find the above items here!

2. Chair - $189
5. Mystic Wall Sculpture -$39
7. Mirror -$199
Find the above items here!

8. Tote - $83
9. White Coat- $380

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4 Responses to Friday’s Finds … Classic elegance

  1. I’d have to say my style is the same. I love the classics, and I love modern as well, there’s something so sophisticated about blending them both. Time to go antique shopping and a few classics into my space! (Especially the lamps, I have a hankering for cool lighting.)

    • Ada says:

      I am waiting for the weather to get warmer to go vintage shop hopping for my home. Even though I shop/source alot for my clients … I STILL prefer warmer weather :) currently very brrrrrrrr here!

  2. Belinda Burton says:

    I love the chandelier! So pretty!

  3. Missy Lynnh says:

    I love this style!

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