Friday’s Find … { Fourth of July | Stars and Stripes! }

Emily from A Style Daze again! It’s Friday!! Today’s fashionable finds are allll about next week’s Fourth of July celebrations!

I totally forgot the fourth of July was like.. next week! Completely escaped my mind and I am so not prepared. I put together two cute, patriotic outfits, using red, white, and blue of course! The first one is more of a day time look for a picnic while the second is great for sitting on the grass watching the fireworks. Or in my case, most likely walking around Albany with thousands of people and yummy food trucks while watching the fireworks! In the middle boxes, the cardigan, adorrrrable shoes, and nail polish can be worn with BOTH outfits! Also, the stars and stripes bracelet for the evening fireworks is fun and fashionable!

I loooove the fourth of July, not only because it’s a day we should ALL be proud of but because it’s always a blast (no, that was not a pun for fireworks… maybe!)   It’s always such a celebration and let’s be honest, there’s usually a yummy BBQ too! What are your fourth of July plans? Any patriotic outfits planned?


Mango polka dot dress
20 -

Alexon red cardigan
20 -

Dorothy Perkins cotton shirt
$17 -

Wallis slim fit jeans
$42 -

Platform shoes
$46 -

Nine West tote handbag
39 -

Friendship bracelet
$4.50 -

Sterling silver earrings
9 -

White sunglasses
10 -

Essie nail polish
$8 -

Essie nailpolish
$8 -


Comment below and then check out my latest Fashion Finds over at A Style Daze! Live great within your home and heart!

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