Friday’s Finds … { color of LOVE }

Hey, just bec Valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean that the love ends!! Keep up the love by surrounding yourself with colors that make you happy and company that makes you laugh!

So, what’s my fave item in today’s collage? Hmmm … I am going to say the Red Vase (I am very into transparent/sheer color decor lately)! Looks so elegant to me! Shag rugs always have a comfy look to it …. and with a pop of color is sings f u n !!!


So, how about you …. what is your fave item in today’s finds?  Oh, and I actually wrote this post on Thursday (not the day of publication - Friday) becauuuuuse ….. today/Friday is my b-day (woohoooo vaca day from work for me!!!!). How ‘young’ am I? I’m not telling!!! Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!! {note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Red Picture Frame - $13
2. Hangers Coat Rack - $96
3. Mirrored Wall Shelf - $31
4. Yellow Candle - $7
5. Yellow Pillow - $68
6. Red Vase - $10
7. Cashmere Gloves - $22
8. Armless Chair - $212
9. Red End Table - $149
10. Shag Rug - $96

Model’s Attire: Kate Spade Dress

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4 Responses to Friday’s Finds … { color of LOVE }

  1. Amanda says:

    My favorite item here is the chair. This is a cool collage. Hope you enjoy your birthday and get lots of presents ;)

  2. Oooh. I like all the yellow things. That shag rug is pretty cool. I have one in my living room and it’s so soft and comfy.

  3. Ada says:

    Hi Lisa, yellow is such a cheerful color isn’t it. Have a FUN day!!

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