Friday’s Find … { A lil’ bit country }

Emily here again from A Style Daze! Whatchya think about a little bit of rustic elegance?

Well… recently I’ve learned this about myself: I can be a little bit country. I mean I thought it just stopped at music but I’m kind of noticing it a bit in my fashion choices and even some furniture/design. Even though I don’t have my own apartment..yet.. I still always shop like I have one. (Seriously, I have so many random decor items and small kitchen appliances and I get very excited about it. Very excited.) Nothing wrong with your style changing/ evolving! What kind of style do you love?

Can we first talk about that chair? I really love the shape, it’s and elegant and funky all in one. Love. As for the outfit, my favorite part is definitely the earrings, bracelet, and boots. Okay I guess that’s most of the outfit and I still love the other two pieces just as much. I’m really quite indecisive. I would totally wear that floral pin in my hair… like if I had a loose side braid ( a la Lauren Conrad) and pinned in on the side in the front. Ya see where I’m going with this? Cuuuute, right? (If you love this hair look, see how to do it here!)

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4 Responses to Friday’s Find … { A lil’ bit country }

  1. homestilo says:

    A little bit country- so sweet and romantic.

  2. I love LC! She is always so stylish. I’m attending a wedding and I think this hair style is perfect for it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you like it! I always love LC’s hair - I think there were a few times (in a row) I brought a picture of her hair to the hairdressers like “I want this!!” (Never quite looked the same HA) Have fun!

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